Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh My :-)

We are back! And I want to say thank you to everyone who prayed for us.
I felt good. No crash.
Praise the Lord!

Now, for our adventures!
We are waiting here for our adventures to begin.
Mall of America, here we come.
Unfortunately, another person had chosen the same weekend we had to coordinate their visit to the Mall, as well. Next time we will consult her and choose a different weekend. You see, she had several thousand friends with her for the Walk for Diabetes. And several thousand extra people make the Mall rather crowded. :-)
The food court was a zoo. I looked for about ten minutes for a table and came up empty. So... we decided to sit on the floor. It was clean when we looked at it.
If I could, I would blame the kids for this mess, but I must be honest.
Jess was holding the drink tray, but it was heavy, so I offered to take it.
The transfer went well until the drinks started wobbling too and fro.
Once they got started we couldn't stop it,and crash.
At least we saved the food and nobody got very wet.
Only my shoes.
Someone took pity on us(or maybe the poor kids with the clutzy moms) and gave us their table.
American Girls, here we come.
The dolls are ready.
Oops, this is out of order. We took a drink break earlier.
Callie, my old doll with a new name from Karis, is ready for her dessert.
Oh mylanta, that is a hot fudge sundae. And no, she didn't eat it all.
Isn't this precious? I'm not sure what is up with the King sized desserts at a little girls store, but they sure enjoyed them. Keilah is loving it!

Now, onto
Build a bear
If one foot on the gas pedal is good...
Then two is even better.
Puttin some love into the bears hearts.
Grooming them.
The finished product.
And by then we decided that going to the Rainforest for supper was just too much. Time to head out and do some swimming.
And this is why we will check with the Walk for Diabetes lady before we ever go to the Mall again.
This is the response you get when it is discovered that two of the swimsuits didn't make it into the car and to the hotel. Uh oh, the moms were in pretty hot water here, again. First the drinks, now the swimsuits.
So... off we went to the local Wal-Mart. And found the last two swimsuits in that size. God answered our frantic prayers on the way over there.
After a fun night, and morning of swimming, we had a little mishap.
Maddie accidently slipped in the tub and split her poor chin open.
It required stitches, so I called down for the nearest emergency room.
We promptly had a manager at the door and everything we needed.
It was nice to have first class treatment, but sad for Maddie.
The girls were troopers. The plan had been to do toenails, hair, walk around Ikea, etc., but they managed to have fun for a couple of hours in the waiting room.
I had to chuckle as I sat there, looking at the familiar surroundings of nurses, waiting in line to be seen, worried looking people. Even on my weekend getaway God wanted me to spend a little of it in a waiting room. I was so grateful that it wasn't me seeing the Doctor, and that this time I got to hold an adorable baby in my arms.
Chowing down. Thankfully Jess had the presence of mind to throw in a bunch of snacks. Made the time pass more quickly.
And the end result. It is under the chin, so you won't see a scar. And.... we got a voucher for a free room out of it. Next time Jess and I are meeting all by ourselves.
It will be a mommy weekend, and hopefully we can stay out of the emergency room, and maybe, just maybe, not spill anything!


MommaMindy said...

I am SOOOOOOO glad you guys did this! What a wonderful weekend, despite the emergency room trip. You sure loaded a lot of fun into a few days. What a break from everything else you are doing.

jess said...

Amazing that I can laugh at all of this over. and. over. again. Secretly, I planned all the mishaps so we'd have something interesting to blog about. I couldn't possibly have our tombstones changed from, "In Loving Memory of our Favorite Clutz." Anything else wouldn't sound near as nice, don't you think? Just sayin :)

Chad said...

Looks like you two guys had a wonderful time. So glad you felt good and still continue to feel good. And yes, I am Allison and not Chad. He does read your blog ocassionally but he doesn't comment. He leaves that up to me.