Sunday, March 14, 2010


I'm not a huge cake person, never have been. But the old adage is true. When you can't have something it makes you want it more.

A couple of days ago I was at my grandma's house killing some time. I grabbed the paper and opened to a page detailing the amazing desserts at area restaurants.

Naturally I couldn't turn to a vegetable page.

They made my mouth water and I almost went and hunted all nine of them down. It just might have been worth the sugar crash they would have caused. :-)

What I did do was wish I could have just one of them for my Birthday.

I'm determined to be good on this diet though, so it can really have a chance, and resigned myself to a vegetable and protein menu plan.

Two days before my birthday, a good friend of mine called and told me her husband was swinging by the next morning to drop something off.

Being near my birthday, I of course decided it was for me. Probably a scarf, or some such thing.

He walked in the door the next morning with a covered cake platter, one you can't see through.

I figured they were just sympathizing with me on the fact that I couldn't have cake, and the present was inside.

My greeting was, "well, I know it's not cake since you know I can't have sugar!"

He replied, "Actually, it is cake," and whips off the cover.

It was cake! The most adorable cake I've ever seen! Feast your eyes on the pics!

It says, "Handcrafted with all our love ...."
It was a super sweet and thoughtful gift. One that will keep me smiling every time I take a peek at it. Thank you guys for giving me my cake!

Oh, and the cake fun isn't over. Who would have thought that a girl who can't have sugar would get two cakes? Certainly not me.

I'l blog about my actual birthday later, but since this one is about cakes, I have to put this picture in.

Noelle, my super creative sister, was going to make something out of baked pears for me, then remembered I can't have fruit, or fruit juice, or fruit anything. Poor girl, I really am a frustrating person to make any dessert for. My advice is just don't try.

Try she did, however, and the result was adorable.

She made a carrot cake.

Minus the flour, sugar, eggs, salt, baking powder, cream cheese frosting......

And you know what? I adored it! The love that went into making both my birthday cakes humbled and amazed me. God has given me such precious people to surround me.
My carrot cake. Gabi loves it, by the way. I had had a few too many carrots already that day, so I confess only my eyes have feasted on this treasure.

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