Monday, March 22, 2010

Writers block

I haven't suffered from this for my entire blogging career. There has always been something to write about.

And come to think about it, there still is...

I can think of about five things to talk about.

But I just don't want to.

I'm hoping this mood passes soon because I truly do love to blog.

I love to write the fun things my girls say and do.

Like Gabi and her vegetables.

Oh yes, the girls eat their veggies right along with me.

I pull out my favorite treat - Celery and P.B.

Gabi runs up and says, "I want Hellery, Iwant hellery."

It always vaguely seems like she is saying a bad word, but so very cute. :-)

I guess I just did write something fun....

Maybe the answer was to just write.

Small health update.

I have some leads to a couple of oncologists thanks to a doctor we know.

I'm actually excited about seeing them.

After talking to this doctor, I think I know why I'm so confused about what I exactly have.

Ready for this? It's because they are too!!!

No one knows exactly what Carcinoid is because it is so new.

This is why I am getting answers like "benign, non-cancer cancer, etc."

So.... I just want to sit in an oncologist's office and say, "Ok, what is it exactly that I have?"

So... I'll call them this week and figure it out.

The diet is going well.

It will be a month the end of March. I'm curious and curiouser to see how I feel.

So far I am noticing little improvements, but they are tiny baby steps.

Patience, patience, patience.... along with those beans, beans, beans.....

I went to church last night for the first time in a long time.

It felt so good to be among our family there.

They love us, care about us, and it's nice to not just hear that from them but to be able to see it and feel it. Makes me happy. :-)

I'm hoping I can go more often now.

But, I'm praising God for the live video streaming they do every Sunday morning.

That way if I feel yucky I can sit in my pj's, hot water, and watch a super sermon.

Thanks, Doug!

Ok, that's all....

I think.

Sorry for such a random entry, but maybe this will get me going again. :-)

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