Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday surprise!

Saturday I went to my parents in the morning as has been our plan. I wasn't expecting much, if anything in the way of a birthday. Dustin had taken me out the day before and my family has done so much for me already since I've been sick.

Karis and I went over to my Grandma's for a bit and stayed for a long chat.

Faith called up and informed me that we had been there too long and I needed to come home.

My mind whirled with possibilities. All the ones that involved people besides my family were worrisome. :-) You see, I hadn't showered yet that day, nor brushed my hair, just put it in a ponytail.

As soon as I stepped in the door Faith wisked me out to the car. I frantically grabbed my Psyllium husk (substitute for beans) and followed along.

Oh for the days grabbing my purse was the biggest thing on my mind. :-)

I was still trying to figure out where we were going, but Faith assured me I looked ok for it.

Several minutes later I solved the mystery - my sister Noelle's place. Whew! I was safe.

Those two sneaky girls had planned a super day, perfect for me. Quiet, backrubs, yummy food I could eat, and movies.

This yummy spread was waiting for me.
My adorable sisters. They give amazing backrubs and head massages. :-)
My post it note sign. So cute and creative if you are ever in need of a quick sign idea.
I even got to make a quick trip to Salvation army where I found two pairs of light summer pants. I'm super excited to wear them - only it will have to be really warm so I can go without a scarf!
Back at my mom's I had two excited little munchkins who decorated and wrapped a present for me! The day was completed by my mom's gift. "The Bean Queen's Cook Book!" We are trying out the first couple of recipes tomorrow.

Thank you family for making my day unexpectedly special!

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