Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back from St. Louis

Dustin is never going to let me leave again. He is positive he has a curse when it comes to staying alone with the girls. I'm beginning to believe him. The girls always seem to get sick, and this was no exception. Gabi was up all night with the flu. Thankfully my sisters came to the rescue the next morning with Karis so Dustin and Gabi could sleep.

So, the results from the St Louis Dr. He works with Meridians in your body, explaining it like tuning a violin with forty strings. According to him, fifteen of my strings were out of tune. The smaller intestine, lower lung (where the tumor is) liver, etc.... He also mentioned my allergies were really bad. I was actually quite amazed that he picked up on that, as I had said nothing to him about the horrendous allergies I had last fall - for the first time ever in my life, by the way. He didn't say much about what he thought it might be as he continued to test what needed "tuning" in my body. I was dying of curiosity - did he think he could help me? ? ? ?

Want to know the results? I sure did. He thinks I may have parasites. Isn't that just GROSS!!!! It's worse then fungus in your lung from bird poop in my opinion. I guess that parasites are sometimes the cause of allergies, which would make sense since mine erupted this year and they can cause tumors in parts of your body, as well. So, my treatment? I am going to be de-wormed. He is making no guarantees, as no doctor can, but I am very hopeful that this will help my problem. Believe me, I don't want my lung even partially removed. I have been coughing a lot lately, and the site where they did the needle biopsy hurts almost as bad as it did the day after the procedure. I can't help but wonder if the same thing would happen with my lung. Would I forever suffer pain at the surgery site? No one can no, but I am at least going to try to de-worm myself before I find out. :-) I am really trying not to think about icky creepy little parasites swimming around in me. Come tuesday if there really are any in my I declare WAR, and believe me, this is one I am winning! No bugs are going to reside in me. Especially ones that make me feel so lousy.

On the super positive side, I get to go on this intense cleanse afterwards so I should reach my goal weight! Oh, and the Doctor, when he walked into the room said I looked like a teenager. I loved him right then and there. The nurse earned points, as well, when I stepped on the scale and she said my weight was perfect for me. Not true, but I sure got the nice warm fuzzies about myself during this visit. Well, aside from walking out knowing I have little buggies floating around in me.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning happenings

Normally I would be ashamed to post this, as it is a clear tribute to how I have neglected my housework. However, I am making an exception because I want to say the Lord totally blessed me in my accidental floor. I knew I had to sweep because I could fees crusties under my feet. That is the one downfall of a wood floor, you know. With carpet the dirt would just kind of blend in and sink down, letting your feet go along blissfully thinking they were walking on clean ground. Wood isn't so forgiving. When my feet could no longer take it, I pulled out a broom and here is the result. Yes, I went to long, but isn't it a blessing that because of all the business of my floor I had no idea it was this dirty. Like I said, God is gracious, and knew that with my housekeeping I needed a camouflage floor. 
I am posting this as well, because, though the lady assured me it was one of the hardiest plants they had, I am not totally convinced that I won't kill it. It looks gorgeous now, so we will just pretend that it will look that way all summer. :-)
Karis has invented the nail polish card. As you can see, she is having a marvelous time making both Auntie Rae and Grandpa their super sparkly amazing B-day cards.
Grandma Swanson gave Karis a special treat at the Farmer's market this morning. She called and told us to come on over for pony rides. God worked it out perfectly because just this morning for our devos we acted out the story of Naaman the Lepor. Karis had pretended to be Captain Naaman driving his chariot this morning and now got to be a chariot driver for real. Granted, the horse was slightly smaller, I'm sure, then Naaman's typical transportation, but still.... what good is an imagination if you don't get to use it?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sisterly love! Gabi was giggling along, but right here it looks as if she is trying to get away.
My thought is that this captures Karis quite well. Little bugger!
I can't believe how big she is, and yes she eats on the floor because we don't currently have kitchen chairs!
The start of filling the vases. It's not right yet, but at least we have something in them.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Our time at the Rivers was such a blessing. I don't have the pictures loaded because I forgot to have Dustin put them on the computer from the disk, so if you want to see a few go ahead and look at  She did a great job of summing up our trip. I'll try to put a few of my favorites on in a couple days, as well.

Karis was sad to leave but had such fun renewing her friendships with the kids. They have so much fun, and actually, for nine kids, pretty much staid out of trouble. I am also missing Jess but have a daily reminder. We snuck out to Wal-Mart and go our ears double pierced. It was originally only me getting it done, but she caved to peer pressure. They really are so cute. Unfortunately one of mine was significantly higher, so I had to take it out, but the Skin Kitchen piercer assures me it won't be a problem to fix it and lectured me for going to Wal-Mart. I actually thought the lady was pretty good - except for that ear. :-) Jess' looked great! Maybe I'll just add the tattoo that my husband is wanting me to get while I'm getting my ears fixed. :-) Ha ha. Why would I willing submit myself to needles? I'm getting enough of them with my lung. Speaking of which, I called my specialist today to tell him that I was going for a second opinion. I have been putting it off, feeling like a naughty kid because I am going elsewhere. I worried for nothing. He was so awesome. Very understanding, and even offered to personally cancel my appointments. I have to say, I couldn't have a better doctor. 

I'm back home!

This is our new carpet, and yes, my husband arranged the furniture in my absence. The chair placement is for the playoffs. In case you hadn't heard, the Lakers won, and now I am able to put the recliner back in it's rightful place. Isn't the carpet glorious? Karis' first words as she came down the stairs were, "Thank you mommy for fixing the floor." Then she did a summersault :-) 
This is my new wall color. It looks a tad brighter orange in the picture than it really is. I know, because my mom says she likes it, and I don't think she would like it that bright. 
This is my new floor. I LOVE it. At first I was going to get a big rug to put down in the middle, but I can't cover it up. I think I'll just get a little round one and call it good! The fabric on the couch is for curtains in the kitchen window, downstairs, and throw pillows. Teresa and I had a great time picking them out. We were busy poking through rolls of on sale items and ooing, awing, and ambling our way around when we heard movement from a place we had just vacated. We turned, only to watch in shock as the fabrics and curtain rods came crashing like slow motion dominos to the ground. It was like watching those movies where the cans tumble down in grocery stores and you are glad it wasn't you. Well, it was us today. We offered to help, but the super nice ladies shooed us away. I'm thinking they just didn't want us to do any more damage. ;-)
Do I have the best mother-in-law, or what? She sat through an entire auction to get these vases for me. I am itching to get flowers in them and find the perfect spot! I especially like the one on the right because it is so unique, but the one on the left matches perfectly with a mirror I'm putting up, so it comes in a close second. Thank you so much!
These toes represent a first for me - my first pedicure. Teresa and I went out for lunch - also another first - for Sushi. I was a little leery, but it was super good. The crab was cooked, but the other, ummm.... I think salmon and I can't remember what else, was raw. It helped that it was warm, so gave the illusion of being cooked. I also had Halibut, something I hadn't had since Alaska. Yummy! I highly recommend Waterfront restaurant in Ankeny. Oh, and the nail place. I had a relaxing hour of foot soaking, chair massage, dead skin removal - who knew I needed that?- and such pretty paint. What fun. I could get used to that every other week. 

My cupboard doors are getting put back on and my backsplash is going up fairly soon. You have no idea how excited I am. But, no pictures until it is all done. Then I'll put up a ton. Life is slowly but surely getting back to normal - whatever that is. :-)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still alive

I wanted to assure those of you who have probably stopped reading my blog, that we are indeed still alive. Our house is still coming together. Dustin and I actually finished the rest of the floor by ourselves - ok, my dad had to come bail us out in the end, but we did do a lot of it ourselves and discovered that we will never willingly buy a fixer upper. I love it! The finish just brings out the wonderful colors in the wood. When I look at the finished product it is like having God's handiwork on our floor. It's funny to watch the kiddos slip and slide all over it. If I weren't in MN with Jess I'd post pictures. Soon... I'm told we have carpet in our basement. Not that I doubt my mom or my husband, but carpet in the basement - soft, cozy, warm, non spiky, beautiful, sounds way too good to be true. Teresa and i painted a couple of the finished walls a burnt orange and did as much of the trim as we could without the drywall being finished. I love it, but it is bright. Just wasn't positive... My confirmation came when first my mom loved it, and then Dustin told me on the phone that, while not wanting to sound too feminine, the carpet really complimented the wall color and he was really proud of my choice. Awwwww.... I love that guy!

My lung results are back in. It isn't fungus, it is a benign tumor. What does that mean? Well, surgery with part of my lung being removed, five days in the hospital, and two months recovery. I have heard of a Dr. in St. Louis who has treatments that avoid cutting out my lung. I'm going to check him out on the 25th. Well I will submit to having part of my breathing machine cut out if I absolutely have to, I will not do it until I have exhausted all my other resources. We are praying for God's direction and feel a peace to go this direction so far. We figure once part of a lung is out you can't put it back in so that will be my last resort. Thanks for your prayers and I'll try to do better keeping you updated.

The girls are in heaven visiting the Rivers ( I figured there might be some shyness when they arrived, but Karis stormed the place, informing the girls that she remembered the house and then asked if they wanted to see her bike. I'm so glad we packed it because it has aready had a lot of use. Gabi, usually shy, is acting like she lives here - only giving a few wary glances at Jared now and then, but I think the fact that she misses her own DAddy will win her over soon. Karis thanked me last night for bringing her here and surprisingly the girls slept super well.. I think it is going to be a great week.