Thursday, June 4, 2009

Still alive

I wanted to assure those of you who have probably stopped reading my blog, that we are indeed still alive. Our house is still coming together. Dustin and I actually finished the rest of the floor by ourselves - ok, my dad had to come bail us out in the end, but we did do a lot of it ourselves and discovered that we will never willingly buy a fixer upper. I love it! The finish just brings out the wonderful colors in the wood. When I look at the finished product it is like having God's handiwork on our floor. It's funny to watch the kiddos slip and slide all over it. If I weren't in MN with Jess I'd post pictures. Soon... I'm told we have carpet in our basement. Not that I doubt my mom or my husband, but carpet in the basement - soft, cozy, warm, non spiky, beautiful, sounds way too good to be true. Teresa and i painted a couple of the finished walls a burnt orange and did as much of the trim as we could without the drywall being finished. I love it, but it is bright. Just wasn't positive... My confirmation came when first my mom loved it, and then Dustin told me on the phone that, while not wanting to sound too feminine, the carpet really complimented the wall color and he was really proud of my choice. Awwwww.... I love that guy!

My lung results are back in. It isn't fungus, it is a benign tumor. What does that mean? Well, surgery with part of my lung being removed, five days in the hospital, and two months recovery. I have heard of a Dr. in St. Louis who has treatments that avoid cutting out my lung. I'm going to check him out on the 25th. Well I will submit to having part of my breathing machine cut out if I absolutely have to, I will not do it until I have exhausted all my other resources. We are praying for God's direction and feel a peace to go this direction so far. We figure once part of a lung is out you can't put it back in so that will be my last resort. Thanks for your prayers and I'll try to do better keeping you updated.

The girls are in heaven visiting the Rivers ( I figured there might be some shyness when they arrived, but Karis stormed the place, informing the girls that she remembered the house and then asked if they wanted to see her bike. I'm so glad we packed it because it has aready had a lot of use. Gabi, usually shy, is acting like she lives here - only giving a few wary glances at Jared now and then, but I think the fact that she misses her own DAddy will win her over soon. Karis thanked me last night for bringing her here and surprisingly the girls slept super well.. I think it is going to be a great week.

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MommaMindy said...

So sorry to hear about the tumor. I know there are big decisions to be made, so I will be praying. Glad you are seeking other alternatives. As long as there are options, it is good to learn about them. It can be draining, though, being your own medical advocate, but you HAVE TO. In this day and age you have to question and research everything.

"Lord, I just ask you to grant our dear sister peace and wisdom as she continues on this journey in the ministry of suffering you have allowed her. May she be blessed with your presence so deeply, that she won't mind the trial. But, Lord, we ask for healing, we desire your Healing Hand to be upon her. Grant her your loving mercy, Father. In Jesus Name, Amen."