Friday, February 27, 2009

Beautiful Princess

I took the girls up to my mom's because Faith had the Network Formal and was getting "pretty" with a bunch of her friends. Of course Karis had to wear her pretty dress so she would fit in. Her eyes glowed with excitement as she came out to the living room after being in the presence of five beautiful girls. "Mommy, they are all beautiful princess'." She took the picture of Faith. I know I'm her sister, but isn't she gorgeous? Check out Karis' Cinderella slipper with the cool socks.:-) And the neck bow is because she wanted to be just like her "Auntie Faith." 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Karis snuck into the girl's bathroom at my parents and painted her toes this fire truck red. She did some damage to her finger's, as well, and each time I see it I think something awful has happened. Gabi Rae's favorite thing to do these days is climb anything and everything. Praise the Lord for a countertop height table and chairs so I don't have to worry about that yet. And the picture of me snuggling my baby is courtesy of Karis. Who knows what that little girl will be when she grows up. A dancer, photographer??? The list is endless. She hasn't shaken off her slight fever yet. Complained of an ear ache yesterday. We have treated that and it seems to be better, but she still is under the weather. Hummm.... the worries of motherhood. 

I have been selling off our furniture so we have room for the remodel upstairs. Hopefully this isn't premature, as we will be couchless upstairs in a matter of two weeks. I'm hoping to find a great leather couch and maybe an oversized leather chair and ottoman. Since I didn't get that much for my two couches, I'll really have to bargain shop. Ah well, a little at a time. We can sit on the floor for awhile. On the bright side, it will really open things up:-) Isn't it the Chinese who have next to nothing furniture wise??? That will be us, rolling out our mats to sit on, because hopefully our table will be gone soon, as well. Maybe I'll bring our mammoth beanbag upstairs for awhile. :-)  There aren't a lot of leather couches I like, so it could take awhile to find the perfect one. Ahh... to have the knowledge of my taste that I have now (and somewhat more wisdom) when I actually had more money to spend. Now we need boring things like new cars, and.... well I guess a new kitchen isn't boring, but picking out furniture just sounds like so much more fun. 

Friday, February 20, 2009


I was reading the story of Isaac and Rebekah tonight after my precious heads were in bed. I got to the part where Rebekah was heading back to meet Isaac and finds him in a field. What hadn't registered before is what Isaac was doing in that field. He was meditating, spending time with God. He may have been waiting for the biggest delivery in his life, but his focus was in the correct place. I read in the foot notes, "Isaac had learned from his father that intimacy with God is the highest priority in life." That made me pause and evaluate my life. In the midst of all the feeding, dressing, kissing owies and hurt feelings away, laundry, "me time", and on and on, how am I doing in the intimacy department with my Savior? I seem to always be distracted by the next big event or worrying about something. I feel like I need to post all over my walls reminders of what really is important in my life. Yes, all the above are a precious responsibility, and I want them to continue, but I also want to be like Isaac. Even when the really big things, and little,  are happening in my life I want to be out in the "field" meditating and communicating with my God. 

Karis is better - no more spiders. Though, and I don't know if it has to do with me just thinking about it, but I've noticed these super tiny, no bigger than the smallest ant, spiders in my kitchen and a couple in my hair. After the second one on my arm I seriously shook my hair out, positive that a nest had hatched and I would be swarming. (and just in case your are wondering, I do shower daily, I just didn't know I needed to add insect repellent.) No other little baby spiders appeared, but I still have visions of them crawling out of my ears, or something, in the middle of the night. (I have movies to thank for that lovely picture.)  Ugg... the only thing I hate about warmer weather is the bugs, namely spiders, that start appearing again. If today is any indication, I will be having an exterminator in by the middle of June. Baby spiders tend to grow up. :-) 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spiders and such...

       My girls are such a gift. Karis is reminding me of Rae the last couple of days. She has been running a low grade fever, which, and I hope this doesn't make me a bad mom, has made her easier to keep up with. She actually lays still part of the day. :-) Seriously, though, I've felt bad for her as she has been so tired.  Last night, ten minutes before six, she handed me her pillow and said, "mommy, will you put this in my bed so I can go to sleep and wake up all better?" Well, who am I to refuse an offer like that? Unfortunately she woke up about 2:00a.m. convinced there were  spiders ready to get her. I told her that they couldn't get her in her tent, but this did little to comfort her.  It must have been a very vivid dream because I couldn't convince her they weren't there so finally I  had to send Dustin down to the basement and she spent a very restless night sleeping with me. She woke up all cool, but now is a little warm again. I am praying that tonight she sleeps soundly and those pesky spiders stay out of her dreams. :-) 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The girls are forever doing and saying new things. Gabi has learned to shake her head "no". She doesn't say it yet, but it is very decisive. Her first time was at church and she was sitting in her daddy's arms. He needed to go, so he said, "Gabi, you need to go to mommy." Yes, you've guessed it. There was a very decided head shake and a clinging to her father. Hummm..... exactly why do I stay home with them day in and day out? :-) Just kidding. 

Karis is forever saying something funny. The other day we were talking about Jesus and how "naughty" men came and nailed him to the cross. She was very concerned about this and had a worried look on her face. She questioned me about them, and how Jesus died for our sins. 
"He died, mommy?"
"Yes, for our sins." 
"The naughty men did it?" 
"Yes, but really all of us did.." How do you explain this to a three year old?
"But the naughty men took him and died him?" 

Then a look of relief.

"But we are ok, cause the naughty men can't get us." 

Ahh..... to have the assurance and safe world of a three year old. Yes, those naughty men can't get us. 

Talking to her did make me all the more grateful for what our Savior did for us in letting those naughty men die him. :-) 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Name change

I've wanted to change the title for quite sometime. I threw in smiles and giggle on the spur of the moment, giving it very little thought. It more describes my little munchkins, not so much me. So, well we still have a gazillion smiles and giggles around here, many of which you will see in the days to come, I feel my life is much more aptly described by "A Cracked Pot." I can already hear my husband giving me a bad time about it. :-)  Crack Pot, eh? Mmm humm. :-) That's me. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gabi is fully recovered. She is eating like crazy, I think trying to put back on the two pounds she lost. That made me sad since my chubby baby has stretched out and is getting skinny. It has been a rough week for everyone. I felt bad for Dustin - since he is such a sweetie and worries about us when things aren't quite right. I had a mild touch of something, and then, last night, I think a rough bout with food poisoning. I'm leaning towards some lettuce I got yesterday, as I was the only one to eat it, but I think I will go through the fridge and throw out pretty much everything. :-) It needed it anyway. Of course, the perk is that I am a few pounds lighter, as well, so.... now to keep it off.  As you can also imagine, our house is a wreck - even though my sister was gracious enough to help me with dishes and laundry yesterday while I took a nap.  I think today I might be able to make a serious dent in the disaster that is my house. We are thinking of putting it back on the market, so I really do need to get at it. I'm not a huge fan of the stimulus plan, but hey, if they want to give $15,000 away to anyone who purchases a home, while, who am I to refuse? I might as well take a little before wherever they are getting this money runs dry. :-)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wet and Wild

My day started out with visits from Abby and Noelle. Abby came first and while I was describing some of my remodeling ideas, Karis was playing in the bathroom sink. This was nothing new, as she is constantly in the sink washing her doll or horses hair and using vast quantities of soap. (Don't worry, the soap is all natural, so she should be ok:) Since her splashing water has never been a problem before, I left her up there while I went down with Abby to show her something on the computer. We were deep into looking at flooring, and I vaguely noticed that Karis was moving around in the kitchen. Once again, this is nothing new, so we continued our search. After about ten minutes we prepared to go back upstairs. The sound of water stopped me. I didn't just hear running, I heard dripping. We raced upstairs - Abby beating me to the bathroom. As I rounded the corner I saw the the sink sending a waterfall down to the pool my bathroom floor had become. I grabbed towels and quickly called Karis. I wish I could say this was all done kindly, but I'm afraid I was a little - no a lot upset with her. While I was sopping up water I did realize that she had no idea that leaving the water on would do that, so I simmered down and hit the basement to survey the damage. Praise the Lord the water was drip, drip, dripping into the unfinished part of the basement. I have fans going,  And no drywall has crumbled yet. :-) Karis has assured me that it will never happen again. :-) 

We went on a walk later and my princess/ballerina found every puddle she could on the way. At first I weakly told her to try to make little splashes. Ha, anyone who knows Karis knows how that went over. Before I knew it she had managed to become wet up to her underwear. All I can say is that the prince she is going to marry when she grows up had better be prepared to get dirty. This girl delights in anything wet and muddy and if there isn't a mud puddle to be found, no worries. She will make one. 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to smiles

It is so good to have her up and wandering around the house again. Who would have thought I would be grateful to find her raiding the garbage? 

I feel like I am in a whirlwind of countertops, cupboards, engineered hardwood floors, and hardwood floors. In the same breath if makes me excited and wanting to throw up my hands and say forget it, it is too much work for me! Not that I will be doing all the work, but still.... Mostly, I'm excited. It will be fun to take what I don't like about this house and turn it into something I love. 

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Holding my breath...and praying...

So far only Gabi has been sick. Karis, Dustin and I are all still fine. Praying that that continues. Gabi is much better, but still running a low grade fever. I have to say that I am enjoying the extra cuddles. I did get sleep last night, but was up every two hours to either feed or comfort Gabi. Sometimes she just wanted to be held and cuddled. It was so precious just to hold her close and know that being with me was her comfort. That is a sensation of motherhood that I love. Once last night I had to remind myself that I needed to lay her down so I could get some sleep. Thank you Lord for little ones. :-) And thank you Lord for SLEEP!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

flu bugs... uggg

I thought we had possibly squeaked past that nasty old bug, but my poor little Gabi Rae caught it with a vengeance last night. I felt so bad for her. We spent from 7pm to 6am changing towels and diapers. By about 4am I was quoting verses to stay sane. It is amazing the power of God's Word to make things bearable. "My grace is sufficient....My power made perfect in weakness... I can do ALL things (even stay up all night) through Christ who strengthens me." Praise the Lord that His promises aren't false. I am living proof that His grace truly is sufficient - seeing as I am currently up moving around, doing laundry, and off to play computer games with my three year old. Have a great day, whoever reads this!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hot diggity dog, it is cold out!

Ok, Jess, I know it isn't that cold here compared to there, but it is cold. I found out first hand when I went to get groceries this morning. I thought the car sounded a little funny, but my car always sounds funny, so I ignored it. After I finished my shopping I loaded up my groceries, quickly slipped behind the wheel, and turned the key.  Nothing. And, I haven't told my husband this yet, I had left my cell at home. Oops... exactly what he warns me about. :-)Rather than go into Hy-Vee and ask to use the phone I decided to walk the four blocks home. I didn't want Dustin to have to load up the girls in this weather - very noble, right? I grabbed my purse, put on my scarf, pulled up my hood (praise the Lord I had one) and started on my way. About 1/2 way home I wished I had called him. My legs were tingling, but I took that as a good sign because I could feel them :-), my face was freezing, and my lungs starting to burn. I would like to say it is because of the growth in them, but unfortunately I think it was because I ran half the way and I am decidedly out of shape. :-) Exercise here I come. 
I am safe and sound and the car is being towed as we speak. I think car shopping is on our list of things to do this week. Not exactly what we wanted to spend money on, but a necessary evil. 
Just so you know, I am staying inside for the rest of today. No more unexpected walks. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Makes my heart smile

You can clearly see why  Daddy is a favorite around here. :-)  Whenever he is home the girls flock around their hero. As you can see, we will be going to ballet classes sometime in the future. Karis leaps, prances, twirls around and around, and tonight invented something she calls the "naked dance." This is done directly out of the bathtub and in front of a mirror with much bum swinging. Needless to say I couldn't post a picture of that, though daddy was much amused by the video.  Gabi's version of dancing is holding her arms out and toddling around in a circle. The most precious part is the look of delight on her face. A look the seems to say, "I'm doing something special, just like my big sister."