Sunday, February 22, 2009

Karis snuck into the girl's bathroom at my parents and painted her toes this fire truck red. She did some damage to her finger's, as well, and each time I see it I think something awful has happened. Gabi Rae's favorite thing to do these days is climb anything and everything. Praise the Lord for a countertop height table and chairs so I don't have to worry about that yet. And the picture of me snuggling my baby is courtesy of Karis. Who knows what that little girl will be when she grows up. A dancer, photographer??? The list is endless. She hasn't shaken off her slight fever yet. Complained of an ear ache yesterday. We have treated that and it seems to be better, but she still is under the weather. Hummm.... the worries of motherhood. 

I have been selling off our furniture so we have room for the remodel upstairs. Hopefully this isn't premature, as we will be couchless upstairs in a matter of two weeks. I'm hoping to find a great leather couch and maybe an oversized leather chair and ottoman. Since I didn't get that much for my two couches, I'll really have to bargain shop. Ah well, a little at a time. We can sit on the floor for awhile. On the bright side, it will really open things up:-) Isn't it the Chinese who have next to nothing furniture wise??? That will be us, rolling out our mats to sit on, because hopefully our table will be gone soon, as well. Maybe I'll bring our mammoth beanbag upstairs for awhile. :-)  There aren't a lot of leather couches I like, so it could take awhile to find the perfect one. Ahh... to have the knowledge of my taste that I have now (and somewhat more wisdom) when I actually had more money to spend. Now we need boring things like new cars, and.... well I guess a new kitchen isn't boring, but picking out furniture just sounds like so much more fun.