Sunday, February 15, 2009

Name change

I've wanted to change the title for quite sometime. I threw in smiles and giggle on the spur of the moment, giving it very little thought. It more describes my little munchkins, not so much me. So, well we still have a gazillion smiles and giggles around here, many of which you will see in the days to come, I feel my life is much more aptly described by "A Cracked Pot." I can already hear my husband giving me a bad time about it. :-)  Crack Pot, eh? Mmm humm. :-) That's me. 


Allison said...

Have you been looking at more houses in the area? I'm a full believer in taking advantage of what the government offers even if you don't agree with it. :) We would probably do the same but we have absolutely no money for a down payment, so I'm quite sure we wouldn't qualify for a loan. You have really been through a rough patch of illness lately. I hope you're on the path to healing.

jess said...

I love the name change "Crack pot."