Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wet and Wild

My day started out with visits from Abby and Noelle. Abby came first and while I was describing some of my remodeling ideas, Karis was playing in the bathroom sink. This was nothing new, as she is constantly in the sink washing her doll or horses hair and using vast quantities of soap. (Don't worry, the soap is all natural, so she should be ok:) Since her splashing water has never been a problem before, I left her up there while I went down with Abby to show her something on the computer. We were deep into looking at flooring, and I vaguely noticed that Karis was moving around in the kitchen. Once again, this is nothing new, so we continued our search. After about ten minutes we prepared to go back upstairs. The sound of water stopped me. I didn't just hear running, I heard dripping. We raced upstairs - Abby beating me to the bathroom. As I rounded the corner I saw the the sink sending a waterfall down to the pool my bathroom floor had become. I grabbed towels and quickly called Karis. I wish I could say this was all done kindly, but I'm afraid I was a little - no a lot upset with her. While I was sopping up water I did realize that she had no idea that leaving the water on would do that, so I simmered down and hit the basement to survey the damage. Praise the Lord the water was drip, drip, dripping into the unfinished part of the basement. I have fans going,  And no drywall has crumbled yet. :-) Karis has assured me that it will never happen again. :-) 

We went on a walk later and my princess/ballerina found every puddle she could on the way. At first I weakly told her to try to make little splashes. Ha, anyone who knows Karis knows how that went over. Before I knew it she had managed to become wet up to her underwear. All I can say is that the prince she is going to marry when she grows up had better be prepared to get dirty. This girl delights in anything wet and muddy and if there isn't a mud puddle to be found, no worries. She will make one. 


jess said...

Now we both have wet basements. :)

Allison said...

So what remodeling plans do you have for your house?