Friday, February 20, 2009


I was reading the story of Isaac and Rebekah tonight after my precious heads were in bed. I got to the part where Rebekah was heading back to meet Isaac and finds him in a field. What hadn't registered before is what Isaac was doing in that field. He was meditating, spending time with God. He may have been waiting for the biggest delivery in his life, but his focus was in the correct place. I read in the foot notes, "Isaac had learned from his father that intimacy with God is the highest priority in life." That made me pause and evaluate my life. In the midst of all the feeding, dressing, kissing owies and hurt feelings away, laundry, "me time", and on and on, how am I doing in the intimacy department with my Savior? I seem to always be distracted by the next big event or worrying about something. I feel like I need to post all over my walls reminders of what really is important in my life. Yes, all the above are a precious responsibility, and I want them to continue, but I also want to be like Isaac. Even when the really big things, and little,  are happening in my life I want to be out in the "field" meditating and communicating with my God. 

Karis is better - no more spiders. Though, and I don't know if it has to do with me just thinking about it, but I've noticed these super tiny, no bigger than the smallest ant, spiders in my kitchen and a couple in my hair. After the second one on my arm I seriously shook my hair out, positive that a nest had hatched and I would be swarming. (and just in case your are wondering, I do shower daily, I just didn't know I needed to add insect repellent.) No other little baby spiders appeared, but I still have visions of them crawling out of my ears, or something, in the middle of the night. (I have movies to thank for that lovely picture.)  Ugg... the only thing I hate about warmer weather is the bugs, namely spiders, that start appearing again. If today is any indication, I will be having an exterminator in by the middle of June. Baby spiders tend to grow up. :-) 

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MommaMindy said...

Beautiful thought - thank you for listening to the Lord as He spoke to you in His Word, and thank you for sharing what you heard with us. It was a great reminder to all.

By the way, love the name change. Even though I haven't seen you for years, your first title surprised me...didn't seem to fit. Not that you are a crack pot, as the joke goes, but you are a vessel fit for use by the LORD. I am so thankful to be in touch again. Love you, little sis!