Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The girls are forever doing and saying new things. Gabi has learned to shake her head "no". She doesn't say it yet, but it is very decisive. Her first time was at church and she was sitting in her daddy's arms. He needed to go, so he said, "Gabi, you need to go to mommy." Yes, you've guessed it. There was a very decided head shake and a clinging to her father. Hummm..... exactly why do I stay home with them day in and day out? :-) Just kidding. 

Karis is forever saying something funny. The other day we were talking about Jesus and how "naughty" men came and nailed him to the cross. She was very concerned about this and had a worried look on her face. She questioned me about them, and how Jesus died for our sins. 
"He died, mommy?"
"Yes, for our sins." 
"The naughty men did it?" 
"Yes, but really all of us did.." How do you explain this to a three year old?
"But the naughty men took him and died him?" 

Then a look of relief.

"But we are ok, cause the naughty men can't get us." 

Ahh..... to have the assurance and safe world of a three year old. Yes, those naughty men can't get us. 

Talking to her did make me all the more grateful for what our Savior did for us in letting those naughty men die him. :-) 

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