Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning happenings

Normally I would be ashamed to post this, as it is a clear tribute to how I have neglected my housework. However, I am making an exception because I want to say the Lord totally blessed me in my accidental floor. I knew I had to sweep because I could fees crusties under my feet. That is the one downfall of a wood floor, you know. With carpet the dirt would just kind of blend in and sink down, letting your feet go along blissfully thinking they were walking on clean ground. Wood isn't so forgiving. When my feet could no longer take it, I pulled out a broom and here is the result. Yes, I went to long, but isn't it a blessing that because of all the business of my floor I had no idea it was this dirty. Like I said, God is gracious, and knew that with my housekeeping I needed a camouflage floor. 
I am posting this as well, because, though the lady assured me it was one of the hardiest plants they had, I am not totally convinced that I won't kill it. It looks gorgeous now, so we will just pretend that it will look that way all summer. :-)
Karis has invented the nail polish card. As you can see, she is having a marvelous time making both Auntie Rae and Grandpa their super sparkly amazing B-day cards.
Grandma Swanson gave Karis a special treat at the Farmer's market this morning. She called and told us to come on over for pony rides. God worked it out perfectly because just this morning for our devos we acted out the story of Naaman the Lepor. Karis had pretended to be Captain Naaman driving his chariot this morning and now got to be a chariot driver for real. Granted, the horse was slightly smaller, I'm sure, then Naaman's typical transportation, but still.... what good is an imagination if you don't get to use it?

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jess said...

Water pots at least once a day if not twice no matter how hardy! This I've learned the hard way.