Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm back home!

This is our new carpet, and yes, my husband arranged the furniture in my absence. The chair placement is for the playoffs. In case you hadn't heard, the Lakers won, and now I am able to put the recliner back in it's rightful place. Isn't the carpet glorious? Karis' first words as she came down the stairs were, "Thank you mommy for fixing the floor." Then she did a summersault :-) 
This is my new wall color. It looks a tad brighter orange in the picture than it really is. I know, because my mom says she likes it, and I don't think she would like it that bright. 
This is my new floor. I LOVE it. At first I was going to get a big rug to put down in the middle, but I can't cover it up. I think I'll just get a little round one and call it good! The fabric on the couch is for curtains in the kitchen window, downstairs, and throw pillows. Teresa and I had a great time picking them out. We were busy poking through rolls of on sale items and ooing, awing, and ambling our way around when we heard movement from a place we had just vacated. We turned, only to watch in shock as the fabrics and curtain rods came crashing like slow motion dominos to the ground. It was like watching those movies where the cans tumble down in grocery stores and you are glad it wasn't you. Well, it was us today. We offered to help, but the super nice ladies shooed us away. I'm thinking they just didn't want us to do any more damage. ;-)
Do I have the best mother-in-law, or what? She sat through an entire auction to get these vases for me. I am itching to get flowers in them and find the perfect spot! I especially like the one on the right because it is so unique, but the one on the left matches perfectly with a mirror I'm putting up, so it comes in a close second. Thank you so much!
These toes represent a first for me - my first pedicure. Teresa and I went out for lunch - also another first - for Sushi. I was a little leery, but it was super good. The crab was cooked, but the other, ummm.... I think salmon and I can't remember what else, was raw. It helped that it was warm, so gave the illusion of being cooked. I also had Halibut, something I hadn't had since Alaska. Yummy! I highly recommend Waterfront restaurant in Ankeny. Oh, and the nail place. I had a relaxing hour of foot soaking, chair massage, dead skin removal - who knew I needed that?- and such pretty paint. What fun. I could get used to that every other week. 

My cupboard doors are getting put back on and my backsplash is going up fairly soon. You have no idea how excited I am. But, no pictures until it is all done. Then I'll put up a ton. Life is slowly but surely getting back to normal - whatever that is. :-)

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Allison said...

I love it!!! All of it! It looks fantastic. You have a great sense of style (more than you probably realize)