Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back from St. Louis

Dustin is never going to let me leave again. He is positive he has a curse when it comes to staying alone with the girls. I'm beginning to believe him. The girls always seem to get sick, and this was no exception. Gabi was up all night with the flu. Thankfully my sisters came to the rescue the next morning with Karis so Dustin and Gabi could sleep.

So, the results from the St Louis Dr. He works with Meridians in your body, explaining it like tuning a violin with forty strings. According to him, fifteen of my strings were out of tune. The smaller intestine, lower lung (where the tumor is) liver, etc.... He also mentioned my allergies were really bad. I was actually quite amazed that he picked up on that, as I had said nothing to him about the horrendous allergies I had last fall - for the first time ever in my life, by the way. He didn't say much about what he thought it might be as he continued to test what needed "tuning" in my body. I was dying of curiosity - did he think he could help me? ? ? ?

Want to know the results? I sure did. He thinks I may have parasites. Isn't that just GROSS!!!! It's worse then fungus in your lung from bird poop in my opinion. I guess that parasites are sometimes the cause of allergies, which would make sense since mine erupted this year and they can cause tumors in parts of your body, as well. So, my treatment? I am going to be de-wormed. He is making no guarantees, as no doctor can, but I am very hopeful that this will help my problem. Believe me, I don't want my lung even partially removed. I have been coughing a lot lately, and the site where they did the needle biopsy hurts almost as bad as it did the day after the procedure. I can't help but wonder if the same thing would happen with my lung. Would I forever suffer pain at the surgery site? No one can no, but I am at least going to try to de-worm myself before I find out. :-) I am really trying not to think about icky creepy little parasites swimming around in me. Come tuesday if there really are any in my I declare WAR, and believe me, this is one I am winning! No bugs are going to reside in me. Especially ones that make me feel so lousy.

On the super positive side, I get to go on this intense cleanse afterwards so I should reach my goal weight! Oh, and the Doctor, when he walked into the room said I looked like a teenager. I loved him right then and there. The nurse earned points, as well, when I stepped on the scale and she said my weight was perfect for me. Not true, but I sure got the nice warm fuzzies about myself during this visit. Well, aside from walking out knowing I have little buggies floating around in me.


MommaMindy said...

So thankful you are getting answers. I just recently heard that the percentage of people with intestinal parasites is hugely on the rise because of the increase in overseas travel. Can't remember the source, but if it was on the internet, I am sure it is true. :) Anyway, so happy for you and praying for your continued healing.

Allison said...

I'm not surprised about the parasite thing. The research I do, the more I realize how common they are. Problem is, you can only get treatment with a wholisitic doc and not a traditional doc. I was wondering if that maybe was the cause of my heartburn. I'm excited to see how this helps you. Keep us posted.