Monday, July 6, 2009

Long thin slimy ones, short fat juicy ones, itsy, bitsy....

I have been asked a few times if I will actually see these parasites. The above picture is my response to this. Aahhh! I certainly hope not. I didn't ask, and I'm not looking too closely! :-)
Karis agrees, and we both have decided that this particular treatment is a don't ask, don't tell, don't see, don't look one. :-)
Good tonsils, eh? We were having a silly face picture taking fest and thought we would share. Karis and I got lots of giggles as we snapped these photos of each other.

Seriously, though, the treatment is going well. I will cautiously say, that aside from the side effects of slight, slight,nausea, feeling like I've had one too many to drink in the morning, as well as the proverbial stars, I am doing well.( I say with bated breath that my lung may even be feeling a little better) Am I killing parasites? Hopefully! One of the worst side-effects is that I can't snack. :-) I have to wait two hours after I eat and and hour before to take these little pills. It is so hard not to pop something into my mouth and I must admit that I have failed a few times. Hopefully the little buggers will still die despite my slip ups. I just can't remember everything, and honestly, when you feel slightly hungover for part of the day what is a girl to do?Four more days of this pill and then on to the next one. I'm back to the Dr. on the 28th, so am excited to hear the results and to see if I need to go on another round. Ooo...boy. I just keep telling myself this way better than surgery!

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