Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I made my second trip down to see Dr. Simon Yu yesterday. My expectations were all over the place. Yes, I feel better. No, my wheeze and cough are not gone. The skeptical part of me said, "Parasites, really? Who has parasites that cause a tumor in their lung. And what Dr. uses a crazy machine to test you." Granted, I have to be fair. I've had my share of crazy tests by other medical doctors, but none compare to a test that measures the meridians of my body. What would you say if I told you that he diagnosed me with a machine that measured the nerve endings on all my fingers and toes? Did you know that your right thumb is connected to your right lung? I'd tell you some of the others, but with forty I lost track. I just remember the lung because that happens to be my problem. I know, see? Like i said, a little crazy. After yesterday, though, I'm a believer.

Last trip, if you look at my life like forty violin strings, I had fifteen that were out of tune. Mainly my gut, hence the parasites. This time.... drum roll please... only ONE! And guess which one? My right lung, of course. What I find fascinating is that last month the lung showed up as a problem, but nothing that would make you think it was my main problem, or even a big problem. This time, after a month of treatment, it was like a layer was pulled back. He described it as my body having to take care of the major problem (parasites) before it could take care of the more minor, yet most irritating one. He has a way to test, as well, what medicine or antibiotic will help make that part of your body strong. That in itself is crazy. All Doctors need a machine that will tell you if the medication they are giving you will actually work. Wouldn't that eliminate a lot of irritating medicine changes. Like they could have told me that my vicaden ( I don't know the spelling, and am too lazy to walk upstairs to check.) would make the trunk of my body break out into a rash and cause my armpits to itch. :-) Anyway, I am back on my parasite meds in about ten days, well still taking the 25 natural pill's (Cleansers, natural parasite meds, Vit. D, etc.) he has me on. It is a little daunting, and I'm not looking forward to the feeling of the strong stuff again, but you know what? I don't care. I'm getting better. Do you know how long I've waited to say that? I took my girls to the zoo, the pool, and over to the Bair's for supper and I still felt great. The next day I went to St. Louis and back. Normally that would leave my lung hurting and the right side of my head aching and out of commission for a few days. What do I feel today? No pain. A little tired, but no pain. Maybe I'm celebrating a little early, but I have a good feeling about this. :-)

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MommaMindy said...

Praising the Lord for answers and energy! I'll be praying you have the endurance to continue with the treatment.