Saturday, July 25, 2009


It was unanimously decided that whoever gets rich first should buy a houseboat for the family to enjoy. We had so much fun the other night on a friends. Karis surprised me by swimming all over the place out in the middle of the lake. I thought she might be to scared, but not at all. Of course, having the aunties around to grab onto helped a lot.
Mmmmm..... what a life. It felt good to relax after a hard day out in the sun. Well at least for Rae. Abby had a hard day managing a coffee shop. :-)
Yummy food, thanks to Grandma.
They managed to fit quite a few on there without tipping it. Although this was one of the few times that happened. Watching the tipping was quite amusing.
Ooops, put this in twice.
Karis and I had fun making silly faces and checking out the houseboat bed. It would have been fun to sleep out there we decided.
Enjoying the sunset from the roof. Karis had no fear, which was good, but at the same time worried mama a little now and then. Whoever it was that invented life jackets I am grateful for.
A nice ending to a great night. Karis and I decided that God did a great job with this sunset.

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