Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summerfest 2009

These pictures are backwards, but I'll just run with it. Grandma spoiled both girls by taking them to the carnival. Something Karis was super excited about all day, and it lived up to her expectations. Thanks to the nice man who ran this she popped the balloon all by herself. When given the option between stuffed teddy bears, lions, or a stuffed $100 bill she without hesitation said, "I'll take the money."
"I'm big enough" has started. She saw the Dragon roller coster and decided she must go on it. I told her that she wouldn't be able to ride with me or Grandma, but she said, "Mom, I'm FOUR." As if this solved the entire problem. She started off with a confident smile, as you can see. By the second time around there was a very concerned look on her face. By the third or fourth time she was saying, "Mommy, make it stop!" I was proud or her, she made it through without crying, but it is nice to know that I am still needed, even though she is four.
The girls wore Grandma out by going down the slide. What a good Grandma. Both the girls loved it, so it was worth the trek. Thanks Grandma!
They both picked the duck out of the swimming pool and actually won their bigger prizes. It was quite the walk around the Carnival the rest of the night. The bat was quite big and awkward and that silly dolphin squeaks in a very obnoxious way. :-)
This is Grandma's favorite ride, but Karis wasn't too sure about it. Maybe next year.
A favorite for both girls. We could ride the merry-go-round over and over.
The parade itself was long and a little boring, but it didn't lack in terms of candy. Gabi thought it was the best thing ever. Not only did she get to walk in the street, but people threw candy at her. Karis was a little more cautious this year. I think she has heard us say she could get run over and squashed enough times to make going out on the street, even with approval, a little scary.

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Rosanne said...

What a big girl, going on the ride by herself! Trevor is starting to say, "I do it!" (the exclamation point added because he's very adamant that HE does it, by HIMself! Fun times...