Friday, March 12, 2010

It's a date!

Karis had taken a nap earlier in the day, which, if I want her to go to bed early is never a good thing.

Instead of fighting it, we decided to have a special date after Gabi went to bed.

And what else do girls do on a late night date? Why fix each other hair and watch Sound of Music, of course! :-)

Karis got the honors of going first. Unfortunately when you brush through my hair it only frizzes up, but still, she had the time of her life and informed me when she was finished that I was going to be the "Apple of Daddy's eye." Where she comes up with this stuff, I'm not sure. Neither Dustin nor I say that.
My turn came next, and she seems pretty happy about it, don't you think?
The end result was me thinking I should probably get in for a long overdue hair-cut and realizing that I have a very adorable daughter.

We did manage to watch sections of the Sound of Music. Karis really enjoyed it, but she wanted me to go back to a certain part.

"Mom, can we watch the Pavilion part?"

I'm scrambling in my brain to think of what a pavilion is, let alone what part she is talking about. I knew it was a structure of some sort. It must be the gazebo part.

I was too slow for her.

"Mom, you know the part where they are dancing, and it starts to rain, and they discover they want to be husband and wife."

"Oh, yes, that part. Sure."

I found it and we snuggled contentedly as they discovered they wanted to be husband and wife.

Yesterday I looked up Pavilion for my own peace of mind. Yes, I had a general idea, but what was it exactly?

You want to know the definition of gazebo?

"A small pavilion that is built specifically for the purpose of enjoying the view."

Just how does one stay smarter than their children? She is only four and already I am having to pull out the dictionary to refresh my memory.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! We just watched that movie for the first time the other night...and yes, Ava liked that certain part too...oh boy.

Anyway, glad you two had a fun girl night :)

Jessica J

Yellow Daisy Momma said...

So cute, and it reminds me of college!!

Jennifer said...

Just wait until she comes out with "the lady in Sound of Music reminds me of Mary Poppins" --that's one of Emily's classic 4-isms...I don't think you can stay smarter than your children. Just live in wonder of the gift they are....

Rosanne said...

I love it! Amazing what kids come up with, huh? :)

MommaMindy said...

That is also my Rebekah's favorite part. I think we have watched it too many times. The other day she told me she had a dream a boy rupposed (proposed) to her, but she was only 13 or 14 and told him no because she wanted to wait until she was at least 20.

Your daughter's vocab is impressive!