Saturday, March 6, 2010


I probably broke all blogger rules of etiquette with the length of my last post, but wouldn't you know it? I still forgot some things.

I didn't want you to feel too sorry for me so I needed to add that I can have any and all condiments.

I'm a ranch dressing person and I love olives. When pregnant I crave olives, green olives, no pickles.

Phew, I was safe.

Even though condiments do contain sugar, the amount is minimal, and, to quote Karen, "When you crave sugar you won't go and pour yourself a bowl of ranch dressing."

She seems pretty positive about that.

You never know, I may get desperate... :-)

Also, I can pretty much have any and all starches that don't have sugar in them.

Chips, noodles, rice, pretzels, bread, popcorn, cereal, etc.

I was super excited about this list. Really? This diet wasn't so bad, after all.

There was a catch, of course.

I could have them AFTER I had eaten my protein, beans, and vegetables. If you didn't wade your way through my last post you will have to now to see how much of each I am forking down. :-) Sorry, you have my sympathy.

My excitement quickly died. So far I have had a few nuts and about 5 chips. Yup, I'm pretty full, all the time.

And, I know some of you are asking the question,

"So, if you are eating all those beans, are you tooting a lot?"

Let's be honest, I know I would be.

Actually, Dustin could probably still win that contest around here, despite all the beans I'm ingesting. :-)

And, you know what I learned?

It isn't the beans that cause the "foofing" as we call it here. We are mostly girls, after all.

It's that General Sherman Bile that most of us have floating around.

Even in Bile G.S. burns his way out of town.

Ok, corny, I know.

Once He is gone, the foofing stops.

I had to add this because beans really do get a bad rap.

Now, off to my post of chili that is simmering upstairs.

And yes, it does contain mostly beans.

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MommaMindy said...

You can eat potato chips? OK, all sympathy is slightly eased. But, I still feel bad about all the beans, beans, magical fruit you have to eat! However, it's for a good cause, shrinking tumors, so I support you in enthusiasm and prayer. I love you so much!