Friday, February 26, 2010

An adventure...

Karis and I are going on an adventure this weekend.
I won't tell you where.
It will be a surprise for when we come back.

But we are both super excited.
It is the first girls weekend we have ever been on together- by ourselves.

Well, by ourselves, and with the people we are meeting.

I have a prayer request.

You see, cancer seems to get in the way of a lot of things.

I feel great, have for the last few days.

I've been tired, a little, but no great pain.

What a praise.

But... there is always the lingering doubt being sick brings.

What if I have a health crash over the weekend?

What if all I can do is sleep because the pain is too much?

What if I overdo it and then I crash after our weekend?

And then I think of the verse, I'm not sure where, but the one that says, "Do not worry, it only causes harm." I think Proverbs.

I know that all of the above worries could happen.

I also know that I need to be smart and not bring on my symptoms.

But I can't let Cancer run my life.

These worries are just that, worry.

I am trying to be smart.

Taking my supplements, resting, doing what has helped me make it this far without my tumor growing and no massive pain medication.

I'm doing my part, it's up to God to do the rest, and He tells me not to worry.

I really want this weekend with my baby girl to work out.

I want to have all the fun we are anticipating having.

I don't want Cancer to ruin it.

But most of all I want what God wants. And I know that means I need to be willing to accept whatever.

That is why I'm asking you to pray.

Pray that we can have a great weekend with me feeling healthy.

But also pray that just in case I do have a struggle this weekend that i would accept it and rejoice no matter what. :-)

Thank you!

I'm hoping to have lots of great pictures to post come Tuesday.

Cause Monday, it's visiting the Oncologist.

Doctors are the best, I'm sure, but right now I'm so tired of them!

On the bright side, at least this time I don't have to get stuck with a needle or cary around a bag of "tinkle" as we call it at our house. :-)


jess said...

I would walk around with you even if had tinkle in your hands!

heartmomma said...

I hear your heart Becca. I often felt like cancer tainted everything thing we did...and do. But I am constantly amazed by how God can mix such great joy with great sadness. Somehow, the joy is deeper and more full when there is pain mixed in.

I'm praying that you have such a precious time on your mommy/daughter date...those are the best!

Jessica J.

thelumberjackswife said...

I hope you have a lovely trip with your sweet girl. :)