Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tea Parties an' Such

I was invited to tea. The red Bulls chair was my designated spot.
I was a tad worried when Karis began serving up her animals.
It felt almost cannibalistic to pretend to eat them.
When I was handed the sock monkey, I just couldn't do it.
He seemed too human, so I sat him up on the table to partake of our feast.
When Karis brought the next animal intended for our food, she laid the monkey down.
Mom, it's ok, they're all cooked.
I'm not altogether sure I shouldn't still be a little worried about the ease in which she slaughtered all her animals, or maybe I should just chalk it up to having a very resourseful daughter.

They adore their daddy and the feeling is mutual.
Can't you just see the phone bill when they are teenagers?
These next pictures are for Abby and Rae. They deserted us for other states, so haven't seen the almost finished kitchen in my parents basement apartment. I'll forgive them for leaving me and making my selection of babysitters dwindle by two, and I'll even be nice enough to post the pictures.
Cute, isn't she?
Oh yeah, this is supposed to be about the kitchen.
The ugly water purifyer nicely hidden.
The countertop, just in case you hadn't figured that out.
And another wonderful gem to feast your eyes on.
Seriously, my pictures don't do it justice.
Dad and Mom did such a great job of finishing off the unused space in their basement.
What a ministry it will be for people who need a place to stay.
And for us right now as that jungle gym is there and my kids must have run at least two miles in circles down there today. It's the nifty kind that you can run through living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, closet (that is the size of a bedroom) and then do it all over again. A mothers dream for wearing out kids.


Andy and Jennifer said...

Your girls are beautiful! How fun to go to a tea party; how'd the animals taste?!

MommaMindy said...

I have had many, many tea parties over the years with my four daughters, but have NEVER been served monkey. That was hilariously creative!

Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Maybe I'll have to have a tea party with your girls, you know there seems to be a real shortage of all things frilly around here! And WOW Gabi looks so big!

beccarankin said...

The animals tasted great! Especially Mr. Monkey. I've always wondered how that tasted. :-)

Jennifer said...

I think it's OK to eat the sock monkey, but if she tries to knock off Pooh bear or Eyeore, you'll have to have a talk with her. So precious! You are in our prayers.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

"Mom, it's ok they're all cooked." -- that made me laugh! :)

Anne@Rosydreamer said...

Laughing out loud several times while reading your post! I do hope you have a good weekend, and all the strength from the Lord nthat you need for it.

Your cabinets are very pretty too!