Friday, February 19, 2010

The mind of a four year old

My mom gave me some cd's called Bible reading with Uncle Rick.

While we were up at Mayo she started playing them as Karis fell asleep, and I continued the tradition here.

Tonight I had tucked her in and turned the cd on, only to be called back a few minutes later.

"Mommy," Karis says, eyes huge, "Did you know that God is bigger than the sky?"

I smiled, this isn't what I was expecting to be called in for.

"Does God have legs mom, if He is so big?"

"Umm.... He can if He wants to."

This didn't quite satisfy her.

"You mean He only has a face and arms?"

While I searched for an answer she came up with the solution.

"I'm going to tell Him to grow some legs."

So there you have it, problem solved.

I chuckled as I headed back to my room and my heart rejoiced.

It is wonderful to know that my little one is going to bed thinking about the bigness of God.

And I also praised God for my mother who finds wonderful treasures like "Uncle Rick."

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MommaMindy said...

I had never heard of these, we use Bible in Living Sound, so I'm going to check these out. I love just being able to pour the Bible into my children's minds.

She is SO cute! You could write a book just with all her questions.