Sunday, February 21, 2010

The weight of responsibility.

God has given me two precious treasures in my girls. They both are full of energy, perfectly healthy, sweet, and they love me.

That last one is a big one because there are a lot of days when I don't feel like a lovable mother, at all.

Sometimes I'm so tired that I let that make me less than sweet to my precious sweethearts.

Somedays I run out of energy just getting them breakfast and maybe, I stress maybe, dressing them. If you see odd outfits in pictures it is probably because Karis dressed herself and Gabi is still in her p.j.'s. :-)

Other times they open the fridge and get yogurt for themselves, or a bag of chips. Usually the chips are organic, so a little of the guilt that I just let my two and four year old eat them for lunch is appeased. Usually they throw in a banana that they got from the top of the fridge, or an apple from the drawer.

I'm beginning to understand how the little orphans in third world countries survive on their own. While I'd never want my own little buggers to have to experience it, I have to say they are very resourceful. They just might survive.

I wasn't blogging at the time, but right after Gabi was born I was back in our room feeding her.

Karis wandered out to the kitchen, just shy of two and a half years.

I figured I would be ok for just a minute more, just until I finished feeding Gabi.

On second thought, it was Karis.

In the minute or two it took to decide to follow my firstborn this happened.

She had climbed up on the kitchen counter.

Reached to the highest shelf.

Gotten a box of matches.

And somehow lit the match.

Her little mind never stops. Ever. And, if she ever finds herself alone in a third world country at least I know she can start a fire.

The matches got hidden in a high corner closet.

I'm still not sure they are safe.

You don't know my girls. :-)

But this is where the weight of responsibility comes in.

Karis has proven that she is quite bright. I know I'm her mother, but let me tell you a couple of stories and see if you agree.

Faith was watching her last week while we were at Mayo.

They were having a camping trip in the living room.

When it became pretend night during this camping trip they lay down to look at the stars.

Karis discovered all kinds of random animal shapes.

Faith pointed out Orion, the Big and Little dipper..

"Auntie Faith," Karis interrupted, "are you talking about constellations?"

"Umm....I am. Do you know what constellations are?"

"Why yes," answers my four old, "They are groups of stars that form shapes."

And there you go.

Another time we were having a discussion about the bee hive a friend has on my parents property.

Karis had questions, of course. One of them,

"Where do bee's store their honey?"

Faith took it upon herself to answer my inquisitive four year old.

"The bees store the honey in their hive which is in the box out behind the barn. They create a honey comb that has holes that are shaped like..." she pauses, looking for the right word to create a picture in my little ones head.

"Like a hexagon?" Karis pipes in.

We all paused, and then laughed. Where does she come up with all of this?

Like a hexagon, of course.

With her bright little mind, her desire to learn to read, play the violin, eat up anything that has to do with knowledge, the guilt kept creeping up. I couldn't keep on top of simple things like laundry and cleaning the bathroom, let alone teaching my little girl how to read and everything else. But her mind needed it badly.

My wonderful mother came to the rescue when she offered to have us come up there every afternoon around nap time.

Now this is how it works.

Gabi takes a nap.

I get to rest.


Karis learns to read. She has only had 19 lessons and just yesterday she read, "See the ram sit." I was so proud of her.

She is learning her bow hand for the violin, getting strong in saying and identifying her numbers, and starting to memorize Psalms 139. And the names and placement of all her states.

My mom just took a huge weight off my shoulders, and I will be forever grateful.
Then the girls get to have gym time. Karis gets the workout of her life down in the apartment part of my parents basement. I'm telling you, this girl will never, ever be fat.
I was commanded by Gabi to take this picture. She is trying to keep up with her older sister, but she needs to stretch out a few more inches before it is possible.

Look at those baby blues. And no, that is not my stomach sticking out there. Sweat shirts do bunch at the most awkward times.

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