Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Since it is a day all about love, I thought I'd put this sweet little pic up.
Gabi adores her cousin Kalvyn.
I'll admit, I'm getting the baby itch again.
I know that is going to have to wait until my health is taken care of, but it doesn't mean I can't drool a little bit. :-) So precious.

Dustin and I haven't been good about getting pictures of each other or I'd put one up of my sweetie. I'm not sure I really knew the depth of His love until I got this tumor.
I know when I said my vows, the "in sickness and in health" didn't really register. Life is just starting out, you have stars in your eyes, and then reality hits. Our reality has been my health and the inconvenience it causes. Now I know for sure he meant those vows. Not that I doubted him in the first place. :-) It's nice to know that he is there for me to depend on no matter what. Thank you, babe! That is the best Valentines Day gift I could ever get!

As for those pictures I was talking about...
maybe we will get some of the two of us on our three day vacation.
To Mayo, that is.
God is really having to give me grace today.
It's Valentines Day.
I'm fasting because I have a colonoscopy tomorrow.
Instead of a romantic date, I will be drinking guck tonight.
I'm not sure how guck will settle on an empty stomach.
Guess I'll see.
Plenty have gone before me and have survived.

The race we are running isn't an easy one. Today is one of those that make me cling even harder to my Savior. I want it all to go away, but...
"As for God, His way is perfect."
"Rejoice always" Even when you don't get to eat and have to drink Guck on Valentines Day. :-)
Verses have so many new meanings to me these days. :-)

Thank you so much for your prayers. As you can see, I still very much need them.
I may not be able to update this over the next few days, but I will when I get home.
Pray for endurance on both of our parts. It's a fairly heavy load of tests over the next few days. I want to be a good testimony to those I'm around, and sometimes when I am in pain it is easy to get the "Woe is me" attitude.
We also want some answers, so pray these tests enlighten the Doctors.
And pray that Dustin and I continue to grow closer through this both to each other and to our Lord. We know the fact that we are traveling this road isn't a mistake.


Lynne said...

I'm praying for you Becca. Dont' be too hard on yourself concerning your attitude. It's been my experience that my testimony is often strongest when I let my feelings show.....when I cry and admit my pain. Sometimes as Christians I think we feel the best testimony is when we are strong and calm because we think this shows our reliance on God. But I've learned that some people see that and think God couldn't possibly deal with them because they are afraid and "a mess". When they see us as "real" people just like them with real problems and then they see that our God is real and able to help us in our pain it makes an impact. When we are broken and cracked His light shines out stronger. Dustin's love for you will be a great testimony as well. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this but I'm glad the time has arrived so you can soon be done!! When I was done with these icky tests, Dan made me a big batch of choc chip cookie dough and I ate it all with a spoon!!!! :) Be sure to do some fun things with Dustin while you're gone even if it's only cuddling under a blanket and watching a movie. I'll be praying lots and checking your blog for any news. So sorry. In Him, Lynne

jess said...

I second the cookie dough - if that's your thing. I also second her other thoughts. Much wisdom... Love to you today Sweetie. Praying for peace, Jess