Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quotes that perked me up today. :-)

"When a situation comes that cuts your feet out from under you,
you don't throw up your arms and panic.
You don't give up.
Instead you say,
'Lord, this is Your moment. This is where You take charge.'"

"Refuse to let your situation determine your attitude."

I woke up noticing my pain today. Those are never my favorite days.
And I knew I had to pack all of us up for our visit.
God knew I needed the above quotes.
Today is His moment.
On my own I may get through it.
But on my own I wouldn't have an attitude that glorifies Him.
Only if I let Him take charge will my attitude be one of rejoicing.
Rejoicing that I have a God who cares about my days and won't let me go through the tough stuff alone. And the good news? My pain is going away!
Now my stomach is just hungry! :-)
It's only 12:00 and already everything in the fridge looks edible.
And there are some not so very edible things in my fridge. :-)

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