Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am thoroughly tired of tests.

Hospital gowns are very unflattering and skimpy.

Three i.v.'s in two days is the most I've ever had.

I don't like them.

I don't like having to carry around a huge container for a urine test.

Ugg... and feels so unsanitary.

And I dislike waiting hours for something else to happen.

But you know what?

I've learned from watching all the other people around me that I'm actually doing very well.

There are people who never leave a wheel chair.

People who are mising one limb or the other.

People with bandages around their head.

People pushing their sick little babies, who must be so sick if they are here.

That would be so much worse, to be bringing your baby here.

So I'm grateful.

Grateful that at the moment all I'm having done are tests.

What I have really might not be that bad.

Like my colonoscopy.

It was a breeze.

Cept for that horrible stuff I drank, but more on that later. :-)

The good news? My colon couldn't be better.

Not that you really wanted to know that. :-)

Not a speck of cancer in it.

Now if I can just get my liver to cooperate....

Hopefully my doctors won't keep me in suspense for very long.

Thanks for all the contined prayers!


MommaMindy said...

Celebrating with you and so encouraged by your choice to be thankful. It is a choice, and your ability to give thanks gives the rest of us encouragement for our lives. I love you! Continuing to pray.

jess said...

Have you burned your Blue Yet?