Friday, February 12, 2010

The unexpected!

Isn't God good to provide the unexpected in our days?
I love that about Him.
He could have made it so that everyday was the same.
I don't need a lot of variation in my life.
Once I decorate something in a way I like it I'm pretty content for the next five or so years. Maybe more if I really like it. :-)
And my hair, well, it will probably be the style I have it for the rest of my life. I wonder how it will look grey and curly?? Might have to dye it for a bit.
I still have the same jeans I had, well I wish I could say in high school, but I have to be honest. Since I went to Europe and gained a few pounds, and after baby # 1 and lost a few pounds. As long as they fit I'm gonna keep them. :-)
But I do like my days shaken up a bit.
Today I was tired after my couple days in St. Louis. I wish I had something to share from that visit, but I don't know anything yet, so it will have to wait.
The waiting tires you out, too, as I'm discovering. But what I'm waiting on, if it pans out, could be really exciting, so that makes it even more nerve-racking. See, now you will have to keep reading my blog to find out what it is. :-)
So, the unexpected was a blessing today.

This wasn't unexpected, really, but Karis got the urge to clean those corners and holes in the floor again.
"Dust Bunnies, I dare you to live in our house!"
These lovely cards came in the mail yesterday, but since we didn't get home until late last night, we enjoyed them this morning. Gabi enjoyed every moment of her struggle to open her cards. And Karis was quite excited about the gift card from Grandpa Jim and Grandma Linda(as am I, shopping here I come), as well as the special card (carried around until lost) from Grandma Karen. Very special great-grandparents.
Gabi opened another card for me that I thought was from one of the grandparents. I flipped opened the inside and my mouth fell open in shock. The message definitely wasn't one I was expecting from one of them. I checked the signature and laughed. It was from Jess, and something we would totally send each other. I've grinned everytime I've seen it today, but I'm sorry, once again you will have to be in suspense. If you really want to know what it says you can call!
This special little treat came by way of personal delivery. I looked out my window to see Teresa's mom walking towards our house.
Very unexpected, but very welcome. Karis calls her "grandma" so you know she is dear to our hearts. She had a big hug for me, sweet words of comfort for my colonoscopy that I will be having, (those are welcome and keep them coming) an offer for help anytime I need it,(also welcome) and a package from her daughter. I, of course, dug in as soon as the door closed, expecting something that Teresa had told her to buy for me. It wasn't. It was a personal card, some genuine Brazilian flip flops that are super comfortable and have already been worn around the house, and some cookies for her little princesses. Ah... the tears came. God has blessed me with such precious friends. Even from afar they can bring smiles, tears, and blessings to my day
Here they are making short work of those cookies. They were a hit.
Couldn't you just eat her up? Never mind the cookie. Her blond curls are my undoing. I think she could burn down the house and I would just cuddle her close and drink in those precious curls with their still baby softness and edible smell. Yummy!

So, thank you God for the unexpected in my day today. Once again you have above and beyond met every need before I even knew it was there.

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