Friday, February 5, 2010

Blessings abound

I'm still on the counting blessings kick, so bare with me.

First off, I felt good and my bathroom got cleaned after two weeks.

I even cleaned, well, wiped down the tub.

Does anyone else hate cleaning the bathtub?

I'd rather clean the toilet, and I'm not sure why, because the tub is a lot cleaner, usually.

Not mine, as it has been (cough) a few months since I've even attempted to clean it.

I'm rather ashamed to admit that. Ok, REALLY ashamed.

My second blessing was being able to skype my really good friend in Brazil.

I don't know what family and friends did when they sent loved ones off before the invention of the internet.

My third blessing was realizing that I'm grateful for the cold winter and air conditioning in the summer.

There is currently a heat index of 106 in Brazil with no air conditioning.

Oh, and there are HUGE spiders. The picture of it made me jump.

That is another blessing, by the way, that we don't have those here. Ugg...

My next blessing was being able to go to my parents and have help for the rest of the day.

And.... My youngest sister informed me that she and a friend are going to take their two nieces (both of them have girls that are the same age) one afternoon a week after naps and until bedtime and have tea parties, play dates, etc., together so the mommies can have that afternoon to do whatever.

Do you know how excited that made me?

Yes, I get to rest, but my girls get to have a super exciting afternoon with their aunt and two new friends.


Then, I know, it is almost too much, but there is more.

I had left my house with the dishwasher full of clean dishes,(at least they were clean) the floor needing swept, the stove top needing cleaned, and the counters needing wiped down. And dirty dishes in the sink.

I came home and did circles in amazement.

The kitchen fairies had visited. (aka my sister Faith who had come over to use our computer)

The dishwasher was unloaded, with dirty ones put in, the floor was swept, the counters spotless, and the stovetop clean.

Tears come to my eyes as I thank God for my family.

I could have been going through this with a family who either didn't care, couldn't help, or was too far away to do anything.

God put us less then ten miles away from both of our families for a reason.

Dustin's mom is just as amazing.

We went out last week for Abby's surprise going away party and I came home to a much cleaner house then when I had left. And this happens often. :-) Thank you mom-in-law! I appreciate it more than you will ever know.

I don't know why God chose to place me in such an amazing family, or why I got to marry into one that I love so much, but I am so grateful to Him for anticipating and knowing my needs before I even thought to ask.


MommaMindy said...

I am so happy to hear that you get so much help. It makes those of us that are far away so thankful. Their hands do what ours desire to do. They have to know how they bless other people, not just you, by their service!

Andy and Jennifer said...

So glad you have such loving and willing help! Amazing how God works out the details!