Thursday, March 24, 2011

Too cute!

Gabi has been fighting a cold. She isn't too fond of blowing her nose, so the resulting chapped upper lip will take a bit to get rid of. You see, she isn't fond of letting me put lotion on, either.

When she complained of an earache today and I put a few drops in you would have thought I was trying to burn her alive.

It took about a half hour before my stubborn little miss came out of her closet and snuggled with me again.

She feels better now, so some of those drops must have stayed in - either that, or God was gracious enough to heal without, since he knew what I was dealing with. :-)
These are the pictures that result when your five year old gets your camera without you knowing it.
Grandpa and Grandma Swanson took Karis on a field trip last Sunday to a Prairie Center and to see the most adorable little goats ever.
I want one and I'm not even particularly fond of goats. I do have to say they have great milk, though.
Don't you love her jean jacket? I have no idea where it came from, but it makes her look quite authentic.

She has informed us several times that she is glad Grandpa and Grandma have a farm so she can be a "farm girl."

Maybe someday.... I just can't quite see Dustin out on the farm, though. :-)

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jess said...

Dustin... milking goats.... Very entertaining.