Friday, March 4, 2011


In case you didn't realize it, the above is meant to sound like a goat.

If I can't do cow, I'm moving onto goat.

Those little creatures are a little scarce in the milk department this time of year, so, we went to goat whey protein.

Gotein, I do believe.

I'm finally giving into my stomach.

It's been rejecting nuts, which after I looked into it, made sense.

Did you know nuts are one of the hardest foods to digest?

And meat for me six times a day is beyond impossible.

I really am almost to the feeding tube stage after this past bout with the flu, so we are fighting it our own way.... well whey, tee hee hee. :-)

I'm like a baby.

Mom fed me rice, squash, oatmeal, and protein drinks today.

And blueberries. Yummy, yummy blueberries.

At a total of 2200 calories on a day where I'm not quite better we feel pretty good about it.

Best of all, my stomach feels good about it.

It went down easy without me feeling sick, and that is such an answer to prayer.

I really was ready to consider a feeding tube.

I'm counting on some little goats to start producing milk.

Goat milk fresh tastes just like cow milk - IF you get the right goats.

However, goat milk in whey protein form.... Hummm.... shall we say I could imagine a goat standing right there staring me down as I gulped my "new" chocolate milk.

Even a goat staring at me is better than nuts at this point, so I shall not complain.... I shall not...shall not.... :-)

This time, I'm praying that nothing else disrupts my weight gain, and that soon I'll be able to tolerate food that packs more of a punch.

Good news in the brother-in-law department. He got the tube and packing taken out of his nose today and it is no longer bleeding. The doctors are watching it, as well as his blood pressure. If it remains stable he should be able to go home soon. Pray for some answers, though. This hardly ever happens, apparently, so they are unsure what caused it, or if it could happen again. Makes me think of when I kept getting confusing answers about what I have. It's frustrating.

Love you all! Think of me if you see any goats!


Rosanne said...

This post reminds me of when my dad milked goats - he replaced our "cows" milk with goat's milk once, and we didn't even know it! Granted we didn't drink it straight, just had it with cereal, but still! I was surprised! Hope this works for you. My mother in law and Geoff have digestive issues and can't eat many nuts, or salad either...

Yellow Daisy Momma said...

Well goat milk fattened Elijah right up, and he was near starving. I wish I was kidding. Here is praying you get the same result :) Well you know within reason. . . Love you!!

Dana said...

Could you mix it into fruit smoothies? You can add all sorts of stuff to smoothies (like tofu) and it tastes pretty good because of the fruit. When I was on a liquid diet after jaw surgery I pretty much lived on the stuff.

ajnrileysmommy said...

praying for you tonight, from NH :)

Christy said...

Oh I don't envy the goat whey - honestly didn't even know that existed! But, praying that it goes down tasting like REAL chocolate milk and helps you pack on some pounds.