Friday, March 25, 2011


Dustin and I are facing a decision we have to make.

It is one that is brought to our attention nightly.

It has nothing to do with me or sickness.

Karis wants her ears pierced.

She has several friends who have their ears pierced.

Up until now she has adamantly stated she doesn't want a needle through her ear, even though she thinks earrings are very pretty.

This past week she seems to have changed her opinion.

Dustin and I were tucking her in when she said, "You guys need to hurry up and talk about letting me get my ears pierced."

"We are talking about it, it's just not a decision you make quickly," Dustin said. "You realize that it is going to hurt, don't you?"

"Oh Daddy, it's only a needle going through the flesh, there is no bone."

This is true. :-)

Her answer did nothing to help us along in our decision, and we have a very impatient five year old on our hands.

Dilemmas, dilemmas....

Later, she rushes into our room and on a completely different subject says,

"I have listened to this Uncle Rick CD hundreds of times and I know what those Scriptures say. I need to listen to a new one because I need to learn new Scriptures because it is important for me to know the Scripture."

I went and changed the CD.

Thank the Lord for two beautiful daughters who continually fill our hearts with smiles.

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