Thursday, March 31, 2011

Family Day

The girls have a favorite game they play with Dustin. I'm not quite sure what the name of it is, but drawbridge or collapsing mountain would be appropriate. :-) Sorry the pictures are so blurry. I think I must have hit something.

Climbing to the top and peeking at Daddy before jumping down.
The daddy sandwich, and if you aren't careful, he might grab you for a hug.
We decided we needed some fresh air, so went to check out the dam for the first time this year.
It was a bit colder than anticipated. Karis was shivering.
Have no fear, she quickly warmed herself up. My heart almost stops when I watch the girls run pell mell down a hill.
They kept me warm with a few snuggles.

I was praising God for the day He gave us. You see.... last Monday I had been feeling sorry for myself because other people were having great family days, and here I was...

Having a reaction to pain meds.

Feeling sick.

Thinking I was going to die.

Basically giving into every negative thought I had floating around.

God has given me such a great week and a half.

I'm tired, but I'm here, not in pain, and able to mother the girls a little bit.

I can go on little outings and watch them giggle with their daddy.

I feel like taking pictures of our lives.

I'm grateful God is patient with me and let's me have those moments where I can get scared and a little teary.

I received a card today that was so precious. I'm going to change the wording a little because it expresses exactly how I feel at the moment.

I continue to entrust me and my family's future into the loving arms of "The Everlasting God who does not become weary or tired." Isa. 40:28

I'm so glad I have arms like that to trust in. And I'm glad He never wears out like I do. :-)


Rosanne said...

So glad those pain meds aren't causing problems any more! Looks like a fun little day out, great way to lift one's spirits. :)

Teresa :-) said...

So thankful you had such a great day with your beautiful family. Love you!

Our Family said...

beautiful pics with your beautiful fam... love you and praying and praying. Jen Sullivan