Friday, March 11, 2011

My foggy world....

Sorry that once again I've let so much time laps.

Last Saturday I was up all night with a joint in my shoulder that throbbed, and throbbed, and throbbed.

Maybe a half hour of sleep.

The next day usually brings some relief, but not this time.

My hip and lower back were the culprits, as was a splitting headache.

All I wanted to do was sleep, but lying down was agony.

Since we were at my parents they watched helplessly as I walked around trying to get relief.

That is almost the worst part of the pain, knowing others are suffering along with you.

Suffering and frustrated that they can't do anything.

By evening the pain had lessened somewhat, and I felt that maybe I could get some sleep.

Ten minutes later I knew that wouldn't be the case.

Emotionally I knew I couldn't face another night of pain without sleep.

I am such a tightwad, though, that I didn't want to shell out the money for the emergency room, the only thing open that time of night.

Pain won out, and I asked my poor husband, who had finished packing all our stuff for Chicago and settled down to watch a little basketball, to escort me to the emergency room.

He is a saint!

Especially for packing my stuff. :-) Girls are kind of hard to pack for, I'm discovering.

He got dressed, grabbed some electronic gear in case we were waiting for forever, and off we went.

I really felt like we should be having a baby, as those are the only other times we have headed to the hospital at that time of night. :-)

The waiting room was full when we walked into the ER and I had a sinking feeling we would be sitting there half the night with flu victims.

I signed in, praying that it would be fast. My pain wasn't agonizing, but relief would be welcome.

God answered that prayer, and then some.

Our backsides didn't even touch the waiting room chairs, in fact I felt a little guilty as we were ushered right back to the check in room and then to the treatment room.

I was further shocked when the doctor proceeded the nurse into the room moments after we had been placed there.

If this was an example of the ER, I would have to come more often.

After describing my allergies, symptoms, etc., I was given a shot in my bum. (the only place with enough fat for a shot, I was told. :-)

Sweet relief!

It made me dizzy, but it also made me blessedly relaxed and sleepy.

This story will have to be continued..... if I don't post now, it won't be posted for at least another day:-)

Or week..... as life has been going:-)

Just so you know, I'm doing fine. Chicago went well. Eating is happening. More details to come.


MommaMindy said...

Thankful for relief for you. Still praying, dear sister.

Katie@The Baby Factory said...

Glad to hear that they were able to help you, although I never cherish the idea of a shot in the bum :) I am sure it was definitely a less of the evils.
Prayed for you today.