Monday, March 14, 2011


Where to start?

1. I really want to be lazy right now and not write anything. It may be my meds, but I'm totally not motivated to write anything.

2. Uncle Bob, I want you to know this post is purely because I know you will come hunt me down if I don't post. :-)

3. I had an MRI today.

Mom took me.

I wasn't really worried.

I didn't even take time to paint my toenails.

Of course, I forgot one important detail of wearing a hospital gown.

You really should shave your legs.


Yet another reason you should be allowed to wear scrubs.

It's winter!

Some of you may take the time to shave every few days, but me?

It's winter - that says it all.

But you can remedy anything if you ask for a heated blanket! :-)

Now I know why people say to always ask for one.

I'm learning the secrets...:-)

I won't hear my results until Friday at my Oncology appointment, but I'll let you know a.s.a.p!

4. So far so good with my pain meds.

Keep praying.

The relief from constant pain is indescribable.

I'd like to keep it.

The groggy, sleepy feeling is nothing to complain about, either.

For the first time in months I've felt like I can truly relax.

So wonderful!

5. I said goodbye to Gotein today in favor of fresh goat milk.

It tastes great.

Not quite as sweet as from a cow, but, not goaty, either.

That not goaty part? That's huge in my book!

6. My naturopathic doctor thinks my cancer can reasonably be assumed dead.

I'm praying he is right.

I want to believe him, and I think I do.... It's the whole "ye of little faith" thing.

My MRI won't show one way or another. A tumor looks the same dead or alive.

What I'm praying for is that they will have shrunk at least a little so my faith can have sight!

That's why I'm a bit nervous about Friday.

It is so easy for me to get emotionally discouraged; my prayers at this moment are that even if the tumors show they have grown, somehow God will give me the strength to keep on keeping on.

That, and believing that what I am doing is indeed killing the cancer, even if I can't see it.

I feel better, my lung feels better.

Dustin and Mom are so good at reminding me of that!

Love all of you!


MommaMindy said...

I'm so thankful for any good news, so am thankful to hear your pain is relieved, your lung feels better and I am not the only one who never shaves her legs in the winter. :)

Seriously with you on the "oh ye of little faith" thing....had a few week days this weekend tormented over the future for the Innocent Man. Am a little revived today and purposing to get my eyes back on Jesus and not on the water as I walk in faith towards Him. We must walk on water, sister!

Christy said...

I will be praying for peace for you as you wait for Friday, but also peace and rest in Christ no matter what news you get Friday. A pastor I know once preached that the reality of life can be one thing, but the truth of God always prevails. The report may come back saying whatever, but the the truth of God is that you are healed! Isaiah 53:4-5