Saturday, March 19, 2011

Odds and ends

My sister Rae cut my hair. I love it! I can just put it into a pony tail, but so far I wear it down all the time.

I look rather tired because the self portrait was taken last night after my rather emotional day. I figure if I still like my hair after a day like yesterday it must be a good cut! Way to go Rae!

I'm ready to fight again.

This curve ball wasn't a surprise to God.

He knows what is next, my job is just to do my best.

We will be working on it.

Oh, and I've gained weight!

That was the only good news yesterday.

At least my new diet is working and my body seems to love it.

One less thing to worry about and now we can concentrate again on the cancer.
We had Noelle, Brian, and Kalvyn over for March Madness on Thurday. The kids had so much fun, and while the guys cheered on the players Noelle and I painted each other's toes and talked and talked and talked.

She got the raw end of the deal, if you ask me. I painted her toes, and I'm not the artist. She had to scrub a bit off her skin by the end. :-)

Mine? They look beautiful!
Gabi cracked me up at my parents yesterday with a conversation she had with her Auntie Faith.

It went something like this.

Gabi: What are we having for supper?

Faith: Black beans and rice..... or no, maybe we will have some Gabi (tickles her) should we eat some Gabi.

Gabi: (giggling, then becoming very serious) No Auntie Faith.

Faith: Why not?

Gabi: Because I would taste yucky and my mommy would be very worried if you ate me.

I think she just might do well as a missionary to a cannibal tribe, don't you? It's a pretty solid argument that I don't think many would be able to refute. After all, you don't want to worry a mommy, they can get pretty mean when protecting their babies. :-)

Grandma Robin surprised the girls by bringing her very own princess dress to wear when she watched the girls last week.

They were in awe, and of course quickly joined her in their dresses, as well.

Sometime I may have to join them.

Life goes on, doesn't it?

I'm grateful for the normal.

Grateful for a family who surrounds me and helps keep life as normal as possible.

God is good.... all the time!


Noelle said...

I love my toenails. :) I'm excited for our outing tomorrow!

Teresa :-) said...

L...O...V...E...Love the hair!!!

The Roli Poli's said...

your hair looks amazing!!! and I think your face is radiant in that picture. I really can see Jesus shining through you :) Praying for you!

Chad said...

You look fantastic...and I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. Your heart amazes me.

Rosanne said...

Cute hair! And good for you keeping that positive attitude! :)