Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm headed up to Mayo tonight for my bright and early appointment tomorrow morning. (yes, I'm bringing my walking shoes.)

We are praying for answers. A wonderful one would be a solution to getting the tumor out without taking any of my lung with it.

God knows, though, and His ways are way better than ours.

Anyway, I'm sharing this to say we would covet your prayers for us.

We want to be completely at peace and unified with the decision we make.

Medical decisions are always scary to me.

But.... His strength is always made perfect in weakness, and believe me, I feel weak. His grace is sufficient, and I am clinging to that. And.... His wisdom is there for those who ask.


Marlene said...

Praying for you!! Where is the tumor?

beccarankin said...

It my right lung. It is being a little bugger. We will see what Mayo says about it. :-)