Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My adventures at Mayo

Dustin and I made the trek up to Pine Island, a town near Mayo, Sunday afternoon. It is so nice to have relatives near there, and my Aunt and Uncle were so hospitable. They made sure we knew exactly where we were going and gave us a few insider tips that helped out immensely. I, for one, had no idea what to expect.

We left their house 6:03 am.

Yes, it was frigid. -4, I believe. Once it is below zero I think everyone should just stay inside.

No, I didn't have to pack the car and warm it up. I'm so glad I'm the girl. :-)

Their directions and Dustin's navigator were so amazing that we drove directly to the parking garage with not a single wrong turn. Unbelievable.

I knew we had to register and get directions to my appointment. At 6:30 I figured we would be the only ones there.

I was wrong.

By the time we walked in the line had to be at least a hundred people.

6:30 a.m.

That meant they had all been there awhile before us.

How early did these people get up?

And a lot of the women had makeup on.

And their hair done.

Wow, I hadn't even showered. (But I did put mascara on, so there!)

The line moved quickly, though not fast enough for us not to become slightly uncomfortable standing behind a man who was sweating so profusely that his wife had to keep wiping it off of his forehead and neck.

Keep in mind that the rest of us are still in coats and scarves, slightly cold from our frigid ride here.

What kind of disease makes a man in a short sleeved button up sweat in below zero weather?

All I know is I didn't want it and was glad when we parted ways. I do hope the Dr. was able to help him out, though.

We had a little while before needed to make our way up the the 18th floor so we were off to find Dustin a good cup of coffee. I was on orders to fast until after my appointment, but let me tell you, a cup of coffee has never smelled so good - and I don't drink the stuff.

Lines were the order of the day, but I finally got checked in and ushered back to a room.

I loved my Dr. I'd tell you her name but I couldn't pronounce it, let alone spell it. My other Dr. was Dr. Thomas, that i can spell.

One of the disappointments of the day was that the two most important things our hospital could have sent in my records, the pathology report from my lung biopsy, and my blood work, somehow didn't make it in there. I had asked several times to make sure everything was in there, and had attempted to look myself, but obviously I didn't do a very good job. It really does look like a bunch of mumbo jumbo if you aren't a Dr.

So, they couldn't tell me what they thought the tumor was, because they didn't have all the info, but that didn't stop the girl Dr. (man I wish I could remember her name) from asking a lot of questions, giving an examination, and explaining a lot more clearly what she thought might be wrong and why I had the symptoms I do then I have ever had here. I liked my Dr. here, but I felt like these were a step above. And may have new solutions for me. They may not, but at least I know they are up on all the new information that is floating around medically.

They sent me off for a round of tests. All for the next day.

The nurse said to go and try to get them today, but we probably wouldn't have much luck.

I opted out of the breathing test. I failed the first one I took a year and a half ago. Passed the second one a couple of months later. And.... I hate them.

I understand why some people loath them.

Seeing as I still have strained side muscles from coughing, I knew I'd fail again, and have to put myself through a lot of unnecessary coughing and pain just to fail the silly test. So, Dustin stood up for me and said no.

The blood test was an experience.

We walked into the waiting room full of at least 200 people and were sure we would have to wait a couple of hours.

These people are fast.

We watched in fascination as they quickly called names. People went in and came out in about five minutes.

My name was called in less then ten minutes. I walked out five minutes later with a lot less blood and my mind trying to comprehend 800 to 900 people getting their blood drawn in one day. This place is a well oiled machine of really nice people.

The Pet Scan was the same story. I had to wait a little longer, but they still got me in that morning.

I hadn't had any food yet, and I was getting a little crabby. My poor husband.

After getting my sugar water injected, which tasted a little like windex, in my opinion, and makes your bladder fill up fast, I got to take a little nap, get my scan, and was free to go.

We told my Dr.'s office that the tests were complete, they will call when they have results, and we were on our way. Food at last.

The restaurant wasn't the best, but it was nourishment, I wasn't going to perish from hunger. (Yes, I am a spoiled american who doesn't know the meaning of real hunger.)

So all in all we were happy we went. Nothing conclusive, yet, but the hope of maybe some solutions that might be something other than taking part of my lung. But even with that I'm not as worried.

God is good. I'm trusting Him to guide us with what we need to be doing when we get the results.


MommaMindy said...

I'm glad Dustin was with you. It is so much easier to have your hubby with you. When my paperwork isn't there, I make someone fax it. Don't be afraid to call in the morning and demand they fax it to Mayo. You can be firm and very sweet at the same time. :) I would also encourage you to make them send YOU copies of everything. I am starting to make a binder with everything in order, that way I have it, too. Praying for you!

Marlene said...

Wow what an experience!! Praying for you that God will enable the doctor with the name you can spell find out what the tumor is and what to do about it. Thanks for letting me visit your blog.

beccarankin said...

Good advice, thank you!