Friday, January 22, 2010


Karis and I were having a wonderful snuggle time before she went to sleep last night.

The house was quiet, at last, and I actually took a moment to hold and listen to the thoughts of my four year old.

She is such a chatterbox and the questions she asks.

Right now she is on a heaven fixation. She wants to know in particular how we will get there.

The concept that God can just get us there somehow is not acceptable in her little brain.

I believe yesterday her newest solution was that God would put everyone on a spaceship and shoot us all up there. Spaceship here I come.

Another delima in her mind made me smile and was also very convicting. She came in with a very concerned expression on her face.

"Mom, I'm going to miss all our neighbors when I go to heaven because heaven isn't big enough for all of them."

I assured her that heaven was so big it could hold everyone.

A grin lit up her face.

"Mom, I need to go knock on all their doors and tell them they are going to heaven."

I smiled, but thought, " I need to go knock on those doors and tell them how they can get to heaven." Maybe she and I can do some of that this summer. :-) All these questions has been a great reminder of how real heaven is and that someday we really do get to go there.

But.... that was all a rabbit trail.

Yesterday she was watching a cartoon on Jesus healing the woman who had been sick for so many years. It showed Doctors trying to heal her. No luck until she touched the robe of Jesus.

Karis bounded up the stairs in excitement.

"Mom, Doctors are useless, you need Jesus to heal you."

You have to laugh.

I explained that a lot of times Jesus uses Doctors to heal you, though right now I wish I could bypass them.

Especially when I am reading, from the Institute of Medicine and John Hopkins University reviews that the medical field, not Cancer, not heart attacks, but the Medical field is the leading cause of death in America. And that is just the people they accidently kill, not the ones they mess up for the rest of their lives. Pretty sad stats, I'd say, and the reason I'm not jumping up and down with excitement about putting myself in their hands. But... I will go there another day because right now I want to share the prayer I heard last night.
As I held Karis in my arms, she drew a deep breath (you should hear her prayers, she needs a deep breath)

"Lord, (she calls Him that when she prays. very long and drawn out.) heal mother, and father, and Gabi... (this is said several times) I love you so much Lord. (goes on in this line for a few more phrases and then the grand finale) Lord, please give mom a baby and heal her lung."

She knows we won't have any more babies until I'm better. I'm positive this is her main motivation for my lung to be healed. She wants a brother. And a sister named Daisy.

Don't tell Dustin, but I think I'd like a baby, too.

Not right now. It's too much work and I'm too tired and I have too many tests to go through, but in a couple of years, I think I'd like another little bundle of joy. :-)


Rosanne said...

So cute! Jaylen has been talking a lot about heaven lately too - trying to figure out why we can't just go there to visit, or have the people in heaven come back down to earth for a while... :) Still praying for you - hang in there! :)

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I haven't commented much, but I always love reading your blog posts! What Karis said about knocking on the doors? Priceless...let's pray she keeps that enthusiasm for evangelism as she grows!

jess said...

I want a baby too - of YOURS,to snuggle and buy treats for, and laugh at when their naughty, cause' that's what you do when their not yours. I'm with Karebear, let's just pray Jesus will heal you, and quickly.