Sunday, January 24, 2010


My baby crawled up on my lap today and counted perfectly to ten. She is talking in complete sentences, asking questions, and generally growing up.

But to me she should still like this.
I know it is a good thing she is growing and learning.
But the mommy in me wants to stop time a little and be able to keep her a baby.

In the same breath I wouldn't trade what I have now.

So grown up and taking care of her own babies.
(i have no idea why this is blue and I don't want to figure it out)
Loves to dress up and dance.
Help mommy with chores.
Sing before she goes to bed.
Asks questions about what is going on.
Eats pickles. As many as you will let her.
Adores being read to.
Throws her arms around you and says, "love you mommy."

Time moves on, and I guess today I'm trying to remind myself that in the midst of it all to treasure my precious little girls and not overlook the everyday moments that just happen. No matter how much you want to freeze time.


Mandolin said...

this is exactly how my heart feels...we are soul sisters today. :)

Andy and Jennifer said...

Hey, Becca,
We are praying for you guys!

~Jennifer Ott