Friday, January 8, 2010

A little late!

I only got one picture of Christmas at Grandma Karen's. After that I dropped my camera and broke it. Which is why there haven't been many pictures, lately.

Karis and Gabi got tons of really nice things. The present pictured above is a dancing Barbie. Both girls were fascinated.
Gabi is helping Grandma Robin open gifts at Grandpa Jim's and Grandma Linda's
What could it be? They were super generous, as always, and I am really excited to go to Pier 1 for my shopping spree. :-)
I'm afraid our home Christmas was a little spars. I threw it together, actually, my sisters helped me throw it together because this year I just wasn't up to much. The girls appeared to be satisfied, however. It doesn't take much to get them excited.
The horse family Karis got. Apparently it is hard to find those big, plastic horses these days. If you know of a spot let me know.

Gabi got this from her Aunt Donna. It is put away at the moment, but both of the girls LOVED it.

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jess said...

I love the mat, but even more I love my care bear in this pic. It's so her!