Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I hadn't heard from Mayo yet, as of this morning.

I was waiting for a phone call from them, after all, they had been so good about calling me to set up an appointment, but my grandma informed me that I shouldn't be doing that. I love my grandma.

"You need to call them. People get lost in the shuffle up there, and you can't wait for them to call you." I wish you could see my tiny little grandma as she said this. When grandma speaks you smile because she is so cute, but then you go and do exactly what she told you to do.

My precious great aunt, my uncle, and several others evidently agreed with her.

So, being the obedient grandaughter that I am, I called. I told you, when grandma speaks...

I hadn't been lost in the shuffle.

Only the return phone call to tell me I hadn't been lost in the shuffle had been lost in the shuffle. :-)

I am to go up there the 1st through the 3rd of February. If I hadn't called I might have missed my super exciting date with that camera.

If not for all the tests, it could be a mini vacation. By God's grace, maybe we can make it into one, anyway.

Although, in my mind vacation means eating lots of really yummy food, you know? Unfortunately with the tests my really yummy food is pretty much a clear liquid diet. Hummm..... I guess with God all things are possible. Even a vacation without food and with lots of needles and cameras. As long as they don't prick my finger too often I will survive!

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