Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Christmas RUSH

It's not Christmas yet, and already we have celebrated it twice.

I'm not complaining, they were wonderful celebrations with precious family members. I'm looking forward to putting pictures up.

Why I am writing is more for my own focus then anything else. I'm getting all caught up on making sure the presents are wrapped, the girls presentable, me functioning. I've taking little to no time to focus on the true meaning.


It has helped to read the Christmas story to Karis every night. My mom gave us this wonderful

book that has flaps that open and tells the story in a clear, concise manner a four year old loves.

I've read it, almost every night since Thanksgiving.

I've read but not contemplated.

I've read but not listened.

I've read and yelled at Karis not to rip the flaps. Yep, true spirit of Christmas there.

I've rushed through the most amazing story in history because I'm tired, or coughing, or hurting, or impatient, or have presents to wrap.

I'm determined to not rush through the story tonight.

I want to savor the events so long ago.

I want to feel the sacrifice Christ made leaving everything to be born in a manger.

I don't want it to be old hat, something that gets lost behind the hustle and bustle. Though I want to enjoy the hustle and bustle because it means family and friends. Which I love.

I want Him to know that I appreciate the sacrifice He made for me, leaving His home that I'm sure makes our gazillionairs homes look like rubbish, and going through the agony of the Cross for me and everyone else on this planet.

I speak only for myself when I say I can be an ungrateful little pipsqueak.

So this Christmas I say "Thank you Jesus for loving me, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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