Monday, December 21, 2009

Here's to Humble Pie!

A couple of thoughts have been going through my head today.

First, I'm feeling better.

Not in superb health, but good enough to function.

That is what I ask for this Christmas.

Well, if I could get rid of the cough, my remaining symptom, that would be even better, but still, I'm content. I can sit and listen, smile, observe, and enjoy life. I'm not a huge talker, anyway, so the loss isn't as great as it could be for some of you out there. ;-)

It is teaching me to sympathize with those who are mute all the time. At least I can talk, I just have to be ready to hack at the end of it.

The other thought that is going through my head is what caused my title of humble pie.

Many summers ago(makes me sound slightly Native American, doesn't it?) I spent some time in Europe.

Part of that time was spent in Sweden. I remember distinctly visiting a lady with three little kids.

I look at having three little kids ALOT differently now than I did in my early, kick up your heels and do whatever you very well please, twenties.

Through my eyes I saw a tired looking mom, not very stylish, a kitchen piled high with dishes.

I had never seen plates stacked so high, really.

And then I went to use the bathroom.

I turned up my nose in disgust. I don't remember it being particularly dirty, but what I do remember was about five used diapers just scattered on the floor.

That image stuck with me.

I swore I would never have used diapers lying around.

You know what was on my bathroom floor this morning?


A used diaper.

It hadn't even been folded up and sealed.

Just left where Gabi discarded it before her bath the night before. I hate to admit it, but this wasn't the first time, either.

You know what I thought of?

Yes, that poor mom in Sweden.

Well, and the fact that Gabi's changing table has had more than five used diapers piled up waiting to be put in the garbage. Never stinky ones, mind you. I am very dedicated about putting those in the garage right away. Besides the couple of times I get distracted, but my nose doesn't let that last very long. One of the advantages to a smaller house. :-)

It's taken a few years, and I'm sure there is much more learning to do, but you had better believe I would never turn up my little judgmental nose at that poor, overworked mother today.

I think I'd ask if I could do her dishes for her.

Take the kids out to play.

Wonder if she has had much encouragement lately, or how she is feeling.

But never, never would I judge. :-) Well, I'd try not to. I have this nasty little thing inside of me called the sin nature that tends to creep up and get the better of me.

God has a way of teaching us what He needs to. Like before I moved into this house and saw the little dust lines along the walls.

I remember righteously telling a friend that I would never let that little space between the carpet and the wall, the ones the vacuum can never quite get, fill up with dust.


Can I laugh in my self righteous little face?

The previous owners little dust lines make mine look like a California mud slide.

See, humble pie.

I'm sure God has many more slices yet to feed me.

I'm also sure that He is making a better person out of me for the eating of them.


MommaMindy said...

Beautiful, beautiful post from a woman who is growing more like the Lord each day. Thank you for sharing, this was very encouraging. Yes, I knew all about marriage and child-rearing before I experienced either. Now, I know nothing, I just rely on the Lord for everything.

RandiSirevaagNelson said...

Ah...guilty here as well!
Just read a story about that very subject: The Chimes, by Charles Dickens. Have you read that one? If you do read it, have some tissues ready for the last few pages!
Merry Christmas!!!
Love, Randi

Rosanne said...

Wow, can I relate to this!! Ever notice how the best parents are the ones who don't have kids yet? They think they know all about how to discipline and how to have their children behave perfectly? Yep, that used to be me. Then the Lord gave me Jaylen... Enough said!!