Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pictures and more pictures:-)

Even though I have a pile of laundry a mile high in the laundry room calling my name. Even though I probably should be cleaning something or sweeping my floor, I am going to ignore it all and post these pictures.

Aunties are the bestest!

Karis has turned into my big helper. On this particular day she finished washing my dishes, even wiping down the sink. This, after sweeping the floor, dusting, cleaning her room, and generally picking up. I might add that she handed me a duster and told me I could help. I felt like my cleaning skills were really lacking when my four year old tells me it's time to clean. The ceiling fan did get dusted for the first time since being installed, though.
My job was to bake pumpkin pies this year for Thanksgiving. I was reminded of how little I bake when my nose began to catch wifs of pumpkin pie coming from the oven and my first thought was, "wow, that really smells like my pumpkin candle." Yes, I am aware that the candles are supposed to remind us of the sents of our baking not the other way around. What can I say? I prefer lighting a candle anyday to actually having to bake the real thing. I like eating the real thing, just not baking it.
This picture is to redeem myself. I do occasionally spend time cooking. See? Onions, peppers, and garlic. :-) And I'll have to keep cooking it bcause I have yet to find a candle that has this particular smell. :-)
This poor girl desperately wants to play the violin. She pulled this out of our Christmas decorations and started playing it.
Yes, I am still in my p.j.'s, no I haven't combed my hair or even pulled it back, and no I most certainly haven't showered yet, and yes the living room is a mess, BUT, I am swallowing my pride so you can see my orange and semi yellow walls together.
Our smallest decoration. A very little angel.
Our tree. Sorry it is fuzzy. Notice the wall corner behind it? Hard to believe it was once icky nails and exposed 2X4's
You can kind of see my backsplash. The outlets still need covered, but otherwise it is done.

Sorry about the dishes in the sink. My kitchen is hardly ever perfectly clean, so if I waited for it to be you would never see pictures of the finished, well almost, product. And the curtain has yet to be sewn, I might add. I put it up there with the ribbon and safety pins to check out the length. I had the best of intentions to take it right back down and sew it properly, it just hasn't been done yet. :-)
Here is my famous door. Another unfinished project. Maybe I'll leave it that way and call it modern art. :-)
Our stairs. I'll put some before pictures up next to remind us all of how horrible they were for such a long time. Now they are so beautiful. I almost feel like I live in a log cabin when I come up them.


Rosanne said...

Looks good! And I love the picture of Gabi with the little violin! So precious... :)

Teresa :-) said...

Your house looks so amazing! I looooove the colors!! Your Christmas decor looks great too!

jess said...

Love all the changes! It looks so big opened up!
I love the picture of Gabi with the violin too. :)

Mike's Group said...

Becca you have been ob my heart often, and I have been keeping in touch with dustin. Know thy we are praying for you and your amazing family. May God grant you peace and grace, as I am sure you glhave felt both. On a lighter note your kitchen is amazing. I love the back splash,where did you get that. Take care. Rebekah