Monday, November 29, 2010

So long

It seems like forever since I've written.

There have been days I've wanted to write, but either my health or my emotions seemed to keep me from it.

Still not exactly sure where I'm at in either of those two departments, other than the last two days I've been feeling really well. I try not to sit on pins and needles wondering when I'm going to either be in pain again, or not sleeping, but both of those haven't been problems for two days now. I'm praying it continues.

So, instead of dwelling on those issues, I want to spend some time sharing the blessings God has sent our way. There are so many and I hope they perk up your day just like they did mine.

Karis has needed new dress shoes. I've looked. And looked. They were either too expensive or too ugly.

I sent my sister to look. We bought a pair and they ended up being duds. Cute, but duds.

Back to square one.

Frankly I was tired of looking and didn't have the energy to go to all the stores.

My sisters brought the girls home one night and dropped off a couple of bags of what I thought were their clothes that I had left up there.

It took me a couple of days to grab the bags to unload them.

The first bag did contain their clothes.

The second, and adorable swimsuit for Karis next summer. A cute skirt. A new shirt.

And these.....

They fit perfectly. She adores them. I love them. And they were free from my friend Kate. I seriously almost cried at this unexpected little gift. The exact thing we had been needing.
Between Kate and Jess and presents the only thing I've had to buy the girls this fall were some jeans and a few pairs of tights. It is like God gave me my own personal shoppers. Both of these ladies have wonderful taste and girls that are built like mine.

Dustin and I are headed out to Chicago soon. For his 30th we are going to that Bulls game and staying in a hotel downtown. Well... a relative of ours has been bringing us a meal every Tuesday. Super yummy meals.

You ask what this has to do with a Bulls game and Chicago? Let me tell you. The last time she stopped by she informed me that they wanted to buy our tickets to the game. I know they wouldn't want me to be writing about this, but I have to. It's these unexpected little gifts, and prayers, and outpouring of love that keeps me going. Dustin and I are often overwhelmed by how much people care and how they show it.

And the prayers... My cousin, who is going through the cancer battle, as well, told me her daughter prays for me every night.

A friend who I haven't kept in touch with, but unexpectedly ran into a couple of months ago called out of the blue to see how she could help. In the course of our conversation she told me her kids, who I have never met, pray for me every night.

I appreciate all the prayers, but there is just something about the little ones praying for me that melts my heart.
Remember my "wicked witch of the west" day? Well, on that particular day my sister, Faith, showed up at my door with this little treat. This isn't the best picture of it, but I had been wanting a braided rug for my living room. There is nothing that says cozy to me more than a braided rug and this one is perfect.

Speaking of cozy, we have also needed a winter coat for Karis. Once again, my searching proved fruitless. They were either not warm enough or ugly, or expensive. Thankfully we have had a warm fall and I was able to procrastinate. Just when the weather decided to make winter wear absolutely necessary, Kate found this in their coat closet. For once my procrastination paid off.
It's warm, it's not ugly ;-), and it fits perfectly.

God is so good, and thanks to all of you that are a part of the blessings He sends our way!


Lynn said...

How sweet about the shoes! Isn't it just like the Lord to do something like that? =D I love to see Him answer prayers like that in a way that strengthens the faith of my children, as well. He is good!

p.s. love the braided rug!

MommaMindy said...

Once when I needed shoes for Jana and I prayed, she was given over five pairs!

Another time I needed shoes, and I was given about 15 pairs, at least three still in the boxes. One pair I had for almost 20 years!

The Lord is so good, I love to hear how He is answering one prayer after another.

jess said...

Always fun to hear how the Lord is providing!