Tuesday, November 2, 2010

From Ballerinas to Bugs.

For six months my little Gabi has called Dustin or me into her bedroom after she has been put to sleep.

She is standing up in her crib (yes, she still sleeps in her crib) with a little smile on her face.

"I have something to tell you," she singsongs.

"What is it Gabi?"

"I'm going to have a ballerina cake for my birthday."

I wish you could hear her. She says it the same way every time in this adorable singsong voice that draws out the word ballerina and birthday. I smile, no matter how tired I am, and say, "Yes Gabi, you will have a ballerina cake."

So... her birthday rolls around and naturally I plan for the coveted ballerina cake.

The cute little hand made ballerinas are picked out.

Picked out mind you, not made. Procrastination is the name of my game.

I was only wondering about doing a cake or cup cakes, so I asked her.

"Gabi, do you want ballerina cup cakes or a cake?"

She wasn't sure what I was talking about so I pulled up some pictures.

She looked at a few and said, "I want M&M's."

M&M's? What happened to ballerinas?

I pulled up some pictures of M&M cupcakes. Some really cute ones that looked like bugs popped up.

"Those." Her little finger punched the screen while Dustin tried to hold her back.

"You're sure? What about the ballerinas?" I asked.

"No, M&M's." Very decidedly.

I must admit that I didn't argue too much. You see, M&M bugs are much easier than the ballerinas I was going to make.

M&M's it was. :-)
Faith came over the night before the party and helped me create.
The end results. She loved them.
My spider legs are a little off, but the eyes were cute and buggy :-)


MommaMindy said...

Adorable. I love the description of her in the crib. What a cutie pie.

The Roli Poli's said...

Don't feel bad about having her in the crib! If you are happy with her in the crib and she is happy then who cares!!!!!! She will eventually grow out of it :) Brooke still tries to crawl into Brayden's playpen..
Love the cupcakes!!!!! Glad it was a little easier then ballerina ones! those sounded hard