Monday, November 8, 2010

Random thoughts

1. I slept four hours straight last night, then dozed after that. It may not seem like much, but it is amazing for me. Now to work my way up from that.

2. Karis sang me "The Mom Song" at lunch today. It goes like this. "This is the mom song, and my mom is so great, she is better... she is better... she is better than chocolate cake."

Two things about that.

First. In my sugarless state I'm not sure anything is better than chocolate cake. Moist chocolate, creamy frosting..... ummmmm..... Sorry mom.

Second, my proud mom heart was basking in delight over my budding genius of a song writer. Here was my five year old making up a darling song about how I'm better than chocolate cake. I had visions of the famous singer she would become.

Later I overheard a conversation between her and Dustin.

Did you make up the Mom Song, Karis?

No, it's from the Cat in the Hat.

:-) Oh well, she is still a genius.

3. I don't know what new pain medication they gave me for my shoulder ache, but I highly recommend it.

I'm warm, I'm drowsy, and the pain is gone. It was a little pill, smaller than a pencil eraser, but it packs a punch.

4. My husband turned 30 this weekend and I totally blew it. No card, no cake, no party. We had a family reunion. Poor excuse, I know.

However, just so you don't think too badly of me I'm going to try and make it up to him the next time we are in Chicago. He has always wanted to see a Bulls game, so we are going to try and see one of those and stay downtown somewhere. Most of the hotels are outrageously expensive for us at the moment, but I did find one for $79. We will see. :-) I'm kind of excited and I'm not even a fan of basketball.

5. Someone brought us a really great meal tonight. We were at the park so we just missed them, but if you happen to read my blog thank you for the super yummy meal.

6. Isn't sleep a wonderful thing? I can see why the super rich would give up their fortune for a good night sleep. I may not be super rich, but I was ready to spend $70 on sleep meds if i knew they worked. :-) Yes, I'm a bit of a tight wad.

7 . Now it is time to go get some of that sleep. After I do my back exercises, which could be amusing on these pain meds. It requires some balance, which seems to be affected by whatever I am on.

I know.


Because I tried to go across a moving balance beam in the park today and it didn't work out so well. Good thing it was only an inch or two off the ground. If memory serves me correctly I think I was fairly good at balance once upon a time. Maybe that is something that leaves you after you turn thirty.

8. Have I mentioned that I'm glad my husband is finally 30 along with me? I never minded being older than him, but when I had to say I was 32 and he was only 29... well, it made me feel a little old.

Night everyone and can I say thank you again for all the prayers? You are all amazing. When I hear people wake up in the middle of the night and pray for me, well.... it makes me cry I'm so grateful.

I love ya'll

9. No, I'm not from Texas, but this time of year I like to pretend. You see, my friend Jayne keeps showing off these pictures and they are in shorts and t-shirts. It's to make us jealous, I know. I figured if I threw in a few ya'll here and there I might feel warmer.

10. I think the ya'll's are due to the pain medication. I"m going to sign off before something else comes out of these fingers of mine. :-)


Jayne Stark said...

We are warm, but it's got to 70 a couple of times in IA for Nov, that's great. Wish you were here so I could hug and keep you warm!

MommaMindy said...

You are better than chocolate cake, and Karis is STILL a genius.

You know what I was thinking when you talked about blowing it on Dustin's birthday? You didn't blow it at all. YOU are the best birthday gift he could ever have. I know he agrees. Bask in that while you sleep through the night.

LoDud said...

Hey, I was 32 and Matt was 29 when we got married. Now I am about to turn 50 while he turns 47. Does sound funny when we aren't in the same decade :) He likes to tell me how OLD I am, and I inform him 3 years does not make me OLD compared to him!