Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's a girl thing.

Last Sunday I randomly decided to paint my nails. I never paint my nails. A fact emphasized when I got in the car and Dustin glanced at my nails and grinned.

"What?" I said defensively.

"Nothing." Still grinning.

Ok, so maybe I have only painted them two, maybe three times in the six years we've been married.

I don't mind the paint job, it's the chipping and the having to take it off afterwards that is so hard.

Why is that?

A cotton ball and remover really aren't any more work than painting them on, less probably.

But they have reached that stage.

The removal one.

I may get to it in three or four days, I'll let you know.

My random act did spark another random act in my house.

All of a sudden I found myself getting out an old towel and finding two very willing pairs of legs on it.

Wiggly legs.
The ones on the left wiggled a lot more than the ones on the right. :-)
The great debate in my mind right now is whether to cut Gabi's bangs or not. She looks adorable (well, all the time) with them pulled back, but I am losing more hair clips... we really should buy stock in the company.... But anywhoo...

Despite the wiggles, we managed to get this...
I LOVE little feet. Each one of those little pink sparkly piggies are randomly kissed by me - when they are clean, of course.


MommaMindy said...

cute little piggies! with teenage sisters, i have to admit, beka's had painted toenails since she was about hmmmmm....maybe 3 months old?

Christy said...

One of the things I am so excited to do with Piper is to paint her toenails! Sounds silly, but I just picture it as fun mommy/daughter time. Of course it will be a while since she is only 13 months. . . but the time will fly I'm sure!